Taking a trip down to the memory lane can be a totally different story for everyone. It is considered as one of the simplest ways to reflame creativity and find your own voice again, in writing better.

Most of times we forget how valuable memories a trip like this can bring up to the surface. Hidden emotions and the “aha” details of the past come back fresher and more ornated now. This is your new voice inspired by your own original voice.

How wonderful to be yourself and not trying to imitate styles or ways so that you persuade the potential readership. This kind of authenticity can contribute in revealing various aspects of your writing path. Once your memory lane path is opened again then your way to exploration  encloses all kinds of possibilities.

Keeping your individuality apparent means seeking the road to  your memory lane when you think you have lost sight of it. The secret of authenticity relies solely on being faithful to your roots and culture. There is always common ground to share and discover while rediscovering yourself.

(Published on Blogher-NaBloPoMo, November 22, 2014.)




Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” — C.S. Lewis quote encompasses any kind of hardship that blocks creativity.

Emotions and negative thoughts build up and multiply the size of hardship transforming it to an unbearable burden. Most of times the people around you tend to spread shrouds of disbelief on how you are going to overcome the hardship and have you life restarted. It’s so natural for them to think like that when there is absence of cultivating their own will to become their steering wheel to a new destination.

The acceptance of any hardship is justified as everybody faces his own hardship with an inactive stoicism. But what about thinking of your hardship as the medium to go on and transform it to a prosperous land for nourishing positivity? That’s the challenge to deal with.





When you are growing as a personality your goal seems more realizable to you but it still remains impossible for the others. It’s like the story with the frogs whose goal was to reach the top of a high tower. The people gathered watching and shouting that they will never make it. The frogs admitted their defeat except for one who insisted and finally made his way up to the tower. Everyone was curious to know how he did. What was the trick he used, so they kept asking and asking. The frog didn’t respond to them. He couldn’t answer because he couldn’t hear them, he was deaf!

Always be deaf to someone who tells you that you can’t and won’t achieve your goals. Work against all odds to prove that challenges bring mental growth .

(Published on Blogher – NaBloPoMo on November 19,2014.)





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