Being an official  blogger is a new challenge for me! My book’s release it’s a reason to be jubilant during the season! 
While looking at New Year’s Wishes from WordPress,  I just can’t wait to visit San Francisco, get on a cable car and enjoy the ride! Being around as a blogger since the 4th of November 2014 , thinking of my teaching/writing obligations and that the blog’s stats will hopefully  reach the 1,000 views pretty soon, well I must admit, I have a lot of work to do!
These Crunchy numbers make me feel more responsible about the themes I have to explore while addressing to other bloggers from all over the world and Greece too! I tend to say that the majority of bloggers feel that responsibility of being close to their readership and friends, followers or not.
Then my feeling is that the bloggers i already know or keep in touch thru mails could be my guests from time to time so that they express their views on many topics and issues related to Writing, Greece, Nature, Traditional, Village Life. That’s an open invitation to you and more details will be out soon on that idea.
Many more things will blossom in this site in 2015, your Love from the heart and Encouragement are the best ingredients for me to have the perfect outcome! My rhyming picture book”Amelie Gets Busy”came out earlier, against all odds, which was  the Best Present I got while waving Goodbye to  2014.
I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year, keeping yourselves Busy All the Time! Enjoy and Never Give up your Dreams! Greetings and Best Wishes from Greece! 

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