“Amelie Gets Busy” because she got 5 STARS Review by Readers’ Favorite!!!




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5 stars! 
Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite
Amelie Gets Busy! by Agatha Rodi is the charming story of Amelie who goes to her Greek yiayia’s village and is fully occupied with the activities happening there. She enjoys being with the chickens, rooster and pigs, the trees and the birds. She is also impressed with the the beautiful flowers and her Greek yiayia’s biscuits and cupcakes, and loves feeding the crumbs that fall to the birds. She does a bit of gardening with enthusiasm and carries the essence of the village in her keepsake box when she leaves. This beautiful story captures a young girl’s village trip and the sights and sounds that fascinate her there.
The story is adorable and delightful and it stimulates the senses. It introduces young readers to life in a village, the rustic beauty that exists there and the quiet and serene ambiance. Children learn many new things from Amelie’s trip to her village. The illustrations are delicate and colorful, and they convey the author’s thoughts clearly to readers. The illustrations also breathe life into the story and characters. It is a beautiful book that can be used as a bedtime story book and can also be used in classrooms and libraries for read aloud sessions. Amelie brings the beauty and abundance of her village to readers in a detailed manner. She does not miss out on anything. The book teaches children to be more observant of their surroundings. The village trip tells them more about the beauty that can be experienced there.

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