I’m participating in the writing contest “How writing has positively influenced my life”, hosted by Positive Writer.

This is the entry to the contest.

I was brought up in the Greek countryside and lived there till I was seven years old. In 1974 I was a student in A Class of Primary School, of the Greek 6th Grade School as it was called then, since all students of different grades were taught together by one teacher waiting for their turn to come! We were twelve students in total of all grades in class. The daily contact with books and the pencil’s smell became a real ritual for me but the most fascinating thing for me remained the Text Reading and narrations of Historical events, of 6th grade students.

Moving to the city was a big change for me. There I discovered the best place that had the answers to my own queries and satisfied my thirst for knowledge and more poem writing, that was during high school years. The local library was my refugee all year round, and after every visit I was inspired for more story writing. That’s how I started dealing with writing and I became a book worm. Living near nature, absorbing the sounds and smells of my village sustained my writing, when recalling incidents, thinking of the potential plot and subplot, real characters flowed in my head but changed form once written down in my notebook.

Through reading I travelled to unknown places , through the writing process I made my dreams true and travelled to the places I have been dreaming since I was a kid. I was given the chance to truly appreciate the power of my imagination and how it can trigger other people’s one. Writing takes various forms, a note, a random quote can sparkle the imagination and have a story in front of your own eyes. For those who linger or believe they can’t produce something, Please, Please, don’t deprive yourself and your readers from your own pearls of writing!
Writing little pieces led me to be surrounded by books, become a teacher and fuel my students’ writing gift.

I feel blessed for writing and the hours, the effort I have made to improve it, the ongoing obstacles that help me to become a better writer every time I choose to write for whatever catches my interest.

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