A New Review By Lisa Waters for My E-book “Amelie Gets Busy!”

Amelie Gets Busy!
Agatha Rodi
A story set in rhyming poetry with a young girl named Amelie, who becomes impressed with all she sees in the village of her grandmother’s farm. Chickens and pigs greet her. At first she is afraid. Her grandmother is close by to protect her and reassure her the animals mean no harm, they merely wish to be fed.

There are beautiful birds flying overhead while bees buzz to drink from a garden with roses. A hedgehog Amelie sees when watering the roses she believes is cute and adorable. She takes time to eat a piece of luscious cake.

Amelie is so impressed with all she sees, hears, and now knows. To learn what else she becomes impressed about you’ll have to read the book.

As this story is written in the form of poetry, it is a creative art whereby its words are an inspiration and beauty expressed in the most joyful collection of words having underlying meaning and a show of thought and feeling.

The artwork is soft and kind, adding just the right feel to the storyline.

As this story is written about a Grecian young girl, the words are of that culture and the reader can experience a touch of Grecian life through the eyes of Amelie, who enjoys her very first visit to her grandmother’s farm.

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