Have Summer Fun and a Ladybug on your Hand!

Reading this great book written by Natasha Wing and illustrated by Mindy Pierce i got the idea of how unusual for kids is to be at a summer camp. Although the majority of kids are impatient to go camping they at the same time start narrating all the funny incidents that took place at last year’s summer camp. There is so much interest for nature and activities related to water that their face gleams when they think of the sea. Camping is an explorative area for kids. While talking to my students’ the other day, i was informed of how they like bugs and they even capture them in jars to check on their behaviour! What a strange think to do , but think of kids’ curiosity and then you will forgive them for torturing the innocent bugs!

If your family’s vacation plans don’t include camping holidays well don’t worry. A new e-Book from the Smithsonian Science Education Center is the best companion for the summer giving the chance to kids to enjoy nature and its miracles.

This particular e-book which by the way i find FASCINATING is offering unique features such as interactive images, videos and sounds plus animated maps so readers travel from South America to Asia, Africa and North America.  http://www.ssec.si.edu/books/expedition/insects  http://slmsbridge.blogspot.gr/2015/05/tech-review-expedition-insects.html

“Giant deadly hornets, gorgeous fluttering butterflies and stealthy crawling stink bugs: readers cannot tear their eyes away from these fascinating creatures. They can discover these and more mesmerizing world insects in Expedition: Insects.”  The Smithsonian Science Education Center describes in the best way how dealing with insects  can be a rewarding activity for kids.

Till next Friday’s Rock Post get out to nature, spend time with insects and let your kids to befriend with them! Have summer Fun and a ladybug on your hand!

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