A friend in a “wonderland” writing state!

Many writers and friends choose to write during summer months, thinking of free time and less pressure . They do feel that writing block is away, and the best of their creativity will show up. So, the journey begins and it’s like “Alice in Wonderland” when she crosses the shadowy streets, waiting for that something weird thing to  happen or for that creepy creature to come out suddenly.


There is no doubt that writers do feel as Alice most times  during their writing procedure when thinking hard how to twist the plot and present  a piece differently without following the usual train of thought.

Those who have the knack, are considered to be lucky. The rest should not try to be locked in their prime thinking,  look back and think of what was the initial planning, on writing and sharing the story with the targeted audience. They just need to write in the way they Feel and Think the story has to be. After leaving the writing piece aside for some days then are able to add or omit unnecessary stuff that the story doesn’t need.

What about emotional disturbance?

Writers tend to be affected emotionally when writing and identify themselves with their protagonists. Is it an easy way to show suffering without having experienced it or at least being informed, by a specialist, on how that kind of suffering is exhibited? I guess it is not so easy for many of the writers I know. But the choice is theirs and they are committed to their readership to choose a road to walk on, be truthful to themselves and let it go.

Writing means you Love what you are doing and you show this Love to your readers by being loyal to them. They are the receivers of your own creation and the amount of info used is your own responsibility. They are the transmitters too so you decide how much amount of these experiences or fictional writings has to be known. I chose Alice as an encouraging and so lovely face to show my understanding to one of my friends who needs to go on overcoming the hurdles of bringing the past into life. Sharing precious moments of your life is giving hope to those who write and you urge your readers to get on board and share your journey, too!

Till next Friday’s Rock Post, go on writing and opening the doors of the past, don’t be afraid to look into, Alice wasn’t! Have a nice weekend!!

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