Lost in Atlantis with a Book! Would you wish more?

Thinking of reading on the beach or while enjoying your freddochino on a Greek island? Santorini is the top destination! The crescent-shaped Santorini the precious gem of the Aegean Sea, is in the southern part of the Cyclades. The most beautiful  island in the whole world reknown for its magical sunset!

That’s where, in Oia -Santorini, “The four boys and Maria devoted six months to saving money, finding books, settling debts, writing and reading and thinking. Tim borrowed a van named Danny,”  http://www.atlantisbooks.org/

and they thought of Caldera. Well not exactly the ” large volcanic crater that has been formed by an explosive volcanic eruption,” but the Caldera Arts and Literature Festival which this year is going to feature David Sedaris , Billy Collins and many more.

ATLANTIS Bookshop is  in a cave on a cliff, overlooking the luminous Aegean Sea, having booklovers  mesmerised by the  numerous  hues of orange colour and much more colours that your mind can think of!

Inspiration and creativity come when we are lost in a book, the best place to do that is in Atlantis Bookshop in Santorini and if you need a pet with you to accomplish that , well,

you can always rent a cat or sail on a boat  !It’s always up to you!

Till next Friday’s Rock Post, love summer reading and travel through it! Have Fun!!!


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