ARIZONA DREAM, coming true!

I feel so excited for having one of my first poems on SongBirds Southwest, thank you Kelly Vaughn (books editor and managing editor of Arizona Highways magazine)!

Wandering Psyche

**** by Agatha Rodi ****



Morning dawn ready to escape.
The swing followed the wind direction
hues of brown on the rope
running down to wood

in the open basket
the rays waited
like the drill,
horizontically still.

What if every morning,
her hands mingled
in the inside,
the torn pieces

usual warm of the sun’s care
was lighting the hope
to have any answers now,
away from home

felt the cold dew
her body pierced on tree
wearing the Greek T-shirt
searching for peace.



A teacher of English and French for 16  years, Agatha Rodi’s childhood memories inspired her  to write children’s stories. Her love of literature led her to write fiction, poetry and memoir. Her first rhyming e-book, “Amelie Gets Busy,” was published in December 2014.

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