Ride your bikes , it’s summertime!

Living in a  calm Greek neighbourhood means a lot of sounds and shouts the ones that the Italian movies with Sophia Loren starring, used to show. Yes, that’s the secret to be Greek, to enjoy the voices and crazy responses when everybody is occupied with something and speaking for me, i am trying to write and enjoy that juicy slice of smelly yellow-orange melon! But, no, the kids are coming! A cordinated army of about 12 kids, aged from 10 to 12 are approaching my house. My balcony has a view of the wide street they come from. Bicycles’ peddling grows louder and louder, chains and gears are clicking,wheels are spinning,my house is at the corner of the street, so these kids are invading the street with the sole target to call their teacher,me, out of the house!

 These born to be riders  get pleasure by shouting and laughing with their deeds while cycling, around the block, waving like crazy to people. Some of these kids are real speeders passing by in circles, riding with multiple gear changes. Cycling is fun for them although annoying for most neighbours and dangerous, too.
Any rider has to wear a helemt, these kids don’t, thinking that it’s just some cycling around the block, but traffic is always there. I tend to answer their questions, staring out from my balcony and checking on them. They are curious about my daily program , it’s summer so it’s fun for them.
I  know they feel so bored when i remind to them the “Rules of the Road” to have in mind, such as to stop and look both ways before entering the street. Or to stop at all intersections, before turning, use hand signals if cars come to their direction and they can’t react.
Kids have to learn how to keep their bikes in good repair, with parents’ help checking the tires, brakes, the seat and handlebar height.

The road warriors need to take precaution and handle their excitement with care because cycling is one of the best pleasures ever! There are so many benefits to think of :

The most important advice is to stay close to their area, check the horn, the chain, grab the helmet before  get on the  bike. Learn the rules and how  to pump up the tyres, how to fix a puncture, how to oil the chain lightly.

I do want to hear all these voices and watch all these kids having the bikes’ disck brakes squeal, being intoxicated with the freedom that bike riding can offer. Just be careful and follow the rules. Oh! I didn’t hear you today, i guess you were at the beach!

Till next Friday’s Rock Post, don’t miss a ride, side by side!

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