What makes the world go ’round?


The quotation “Money makes the world go around” taken from the song in the musical  play “Cabaret” , was in fact a bitter commentary on Berlin in the 1930’s just before World War 2. Althought the musical was dark and rather melancholic, Lisa Minelli’s wistful wish had to do with Love while the protagonist replied with this line leading into the song. I thought about this week’s post because of two reasons.

First I read a very interesting article on  “Cricket’s Media” blog under the title “What Greece Can Teach Your Child About Financial Literacy” that offers good advice on how your kids can understand financial crisis and even the parents, too.  http://www.cricketmedia.com/2015/07/31/greece-can-teach-child-financial-literacy/

Since the Greek troubles with money don’t seem to end at least let the kids be aware of how to handle their pocket money and most specifically how not to feel that money is the only world they can have.

The second reason is a  student I have,  she faces financial issues as all Greeks do, but she dreams of an overseas travel that she had the chance to enjoy in the past. Her main concern is the money and the priorities  she has to think, but once  her dream is realised she will have fullfilled her heart’s desire. So, what do we do here? Do we help her find the money or continue reminding to her how extremely difficult is to realize her dream? Is this about Money or how to show our Love to another individual? I opted for Love and Kindness and made a decision to help her realise her dream by organising a special event, taking place the next months. My teen students were so excited in helping her although she is a newcomer at the school. They think of money too but discussing with them I found out they can save 2 euro every second day to help her! Then I suggested the event as a chance to unite with each other more and have the opportunity  to help when there is real need of doing so. Thank you my Godsent student, you reminded to me something that  I had forgotten, being twirled in everyday life issues. Love turns the World round and not Money!

Till next Friday’s Rock Post, think of how much wisdom can you gain in your heart by a small act of kindness! Have a great weekend!




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