Ice cream in wafer cone or scoops in a bowl!

Some days ago I had the time of my life having as guests my nieces, they are cute little girls ready to try anything that can be eaten. Their screams were heard all over the place just for some scoops of  ice cream. Scoops of Cherry ice cream, topped with fresh Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, drizzled with a mouth-watering Cherry syrup. Tones of coatings and toppings following, biscuits and cherries, strawberries and bananas.

Making ice cream is the most enjoyable activity during summer time, here is my recipe for you to enjoy, I  have used

  • Garni Giotis powder 220gr. for whipped cream
  • a glass of water of low fat milk (you beat the powder whipped cream with milk)
  • then you add a can of condensed milk of about 400gr and two more glasses of low fat milk, you continue beating the ingedients for some minutes and you either add, biscuits with chocolate chips or chocolate drops or pistachio! Try any flavor you like it’s fantastic!

It’s vacation time so indulge yourself but don’t forget to take your books with you!

Till next Friday’s Rock Post try ice cream in wafer cone and save the scream!!!

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