School Time for kids and Autumn Leaves,Hooray!

Summer is officially over! I know you may miss the endless hours on the beach, the trekking on the mountains  September is changing our mood and feelings by having slow change of colours in nature. Mums worry too much for school and kids adjustment after being out and about during summer months. Although we tend to clean the  leaves from the  house’s roof check the drainage, ensure that  doors and windows are working properly, we forget that kids need to be acquainted with autumn leaves and celebrate them. Even if September schedule is too heavy for a family a weekend trip to the nearest park or forest as well as a visit to a changing colours forest can be surely a valuable experience for kids.

Giving the chance to kids to express their creative side and move with a sense of freedom in a pile of orange red pink leaves is like feeling the earth’s  emotions coming up to surface. If we think of the aesthetic value of the whole idea well i believe kids respond with a willingness to embrace the pile of leaves, blow them, lie down and shout, shout as much as they can!

Then the smells come out and entangle them in their twirling dance. Leaves that help you hide in them, roll in them, stretch and  jump non stop! If you asked the leaves how they feel they would answer :”We relish the fun but where are they taking us?”

Collecting and keeping Autumn leaves is the best childhood memory to have.One of my friends preserves them with glycerine or simply brushes them with olive oil to keep their vivideness.Another good idea is to have kids make a beautiful leaf wreath to have in their room or on the main door of your house! That’s a great way to welcome Autumn.

This time of the season  has it’s own scent and even the golden orange leaves have a distinguishing scent to keep you and your kids company during the winter nights!


Till Next Friday’s Rock Post don’t miss the chance to collect your autumn leaves and treasure your memories in them!



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