Greek School of another era!

Today is the first day for Greek Schools and Private Schools of Foreign Languages in Greece to open. The majority of kids feel fear or get to worry about lessons and Maths or start complaining about losing the luxury of summer vacations. As a teacher I have to admit that kids seem to have just landed from another planet when returning back to their daily schedule. There is too much worry about homework and revision that they get stressed. We could put the blame on our Mediterranean climate and the feeling of freedom that most kids feel here in Greece, during summer. The school system guidelines on the operating School Curriculum , unfortunately,  don’t promote reading as an activity but as a complusory distraction that brings pains and not gains.

Homework struggle is the number one issue because kids expect their mothers to help them have it done. A quicker solution but not educational at all, seems to be the teacher’s book , which most families choose to order at bookstores so that they get rid of teacher’s complaints regarding their kids’ performance. Is the problem solved? No, not at all! Kids miss to develop their creativity, aren’t able to discern basic notions or form derivatives and the worst of all :they are unable to express themselves correctly. Should school authorities worked in a different direction and with a more flexible plan I guess kids would love school and be more eager to know.

Too much homework is another reason for some parents.  This is partially true since certain teachers try in promoting knowledge and filling the gaps created by less gifted kids in class by imposing too much homework. I understand that kids with family issues, learning difficulties can’t correspond to school work and excel in class. Teachers are trapped in the system’s suggestions, that’s true. But who is going to freed the kids, the future citizens of what they are experiencing? How could this be done?

Well, parents address to me both as teacher and a school owner asking for help and seems that teachers and school body has to bring changes and rebel against the whole situation. Although our share as teachers is greater, families do hold the responsibility for having this situation to continue. Any educational system in this world,can’t be effective when members of society aren’t willing to struggle on changing it.

If we really wish for Greek students to be knowledgeable and get inspired then both parents and teahers have to fight for this! Otherwise kids will hate school for good, feeling that education isa worthless acquisition for them.Till next Friday’s Rock Post put on your boots and  travel with your books!



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