“If the path be beautiful let us not ask where it leads” Anatole France.

Missing last friday’s Rock Post was really disturbing for me, simply because work pressure at school gave me no option for being free to write the way I would like to. So, i opted for being absent and do my best for this week’s post. Every year, the enrollement period is really hard because parents need to make certain decisions that affect their kids’ future for good. It may seem simple to come and say at the front desk ” Hello, we are in class x this year , what about the teaching hours, books” but in reality a battle has started for all the parts involved without knowing it!

There is so much worry about the future and success that seems to disappear the joy for learning. The bad economical situation and the exhorbitant taxes added to each family’s annual budget make it impossible for their kids  to continue learning foreign languages. Yes, that’s how it goes for school owners and families. But kids experience an unbelievable pressure to get the diplomas and certificates in no time if it was possible or are even pushed to stop tuition. There are countless of incidents to think of but the bottom line remains the same: Money issue deprives kids from going after their dreams and erases their dreams in a nutshell!

That’s a pity! The generations to come think only of money , cell phones, computer games and movies. No interest at all for enriching their mentality , altering the way they think or consider things and life. Even teenagers come as the defeated soldiers and do not know where to turn to  find their orientation. After being occupied with all this, I ended up thinking that Faith is the problem. Kids, teenagers and their families lack of true Faith, and I mean that Faith in themselves first of all and then their Faith and steadiness in something bigger.

Some months ago I have read an article on schooling written by St.Cosmas the Aitolos.


The New Hieromartyr Cosmas The Aitolos,, Equal of the Apostles, in the world Constas, was a native of Aitolia, Greece.Under his guidance, church schools were opened in the towns and villages. The rich offered their money for the betterment of the churches, for the purchase of Holy Books (which the saint distributed to the literate), for prayer ropes and crosses (which he distributed to the common folk), and for baptismal fonts so that children could be baptized in the proper manner. He was a wise preacher.

Here is a part of it in Greek and the translation following is mine.

Do you have schools in your country to educate your children?

-No, we don’t, you Holy man of God.

You have to gather and build schools, to have the right persons to guide you, the right teachers so your children learn how to write, both the poor and wealthy ones. School is the place where we learn, who God is, what Holy Trinity is, what are the Angels, the demons, the Paradise, hell, Virtue and Hatred, what Soul means and so on.Without schools we are in the dark.Schools open Monasteries. If schools didn’t exist how could I be educated and be able to teach you now?

Έχετε σχολείον εδώ εις την χώραν σας να διαβάζουν τα παιδιά;
– Δεν έχωμεν, Άγιε του Θεού.
– Να μαζευθήτε όλοι να κάμνετε ένα σχολείον καλόν, να βάλετε και επιτρόπους να το κυβερνούν, να βάνουν διδάσκαλον να μανθάνουν όλα τα παιδιά γράμματα, πλούσια και πτωχά. Διότι από το σχολείον μανθάνομεν τι είνε ο Θεός, τι είνε η Αγία Τριάς, τι είνε οι Άγγελοι, δαίμονες, Παράδεισος, κόλασις, αρετή, κακία, τι είνε ψυχή, σώμα κ.λ.π. Διότι χωρίς το σχολείον περιπατούμεν εις το σκότος, από το σχολείον ανοίγει το Μοναστήριον. Αν δεν ήτο σχολείον, που ήθελα μάθει εγώ να σας διδάσκω;
Άγιος Κοσμάς ο Αιτωλός.

Keeping our Faith in these hard times is the only shield to protect our mind and continue using it. Being brought up in my village attending a class like the one depicted in the photo I can clearly remember my parents urge to read and write and continue  going to school. Greece was poor back in 1974, farmers were poor and had difficulty in living decently, they didin’t know how to help their children, there were no new bags, pencils and notepads, expensive clothes or threats to study. There was Faith from parents’ part,  in us, the children of that time that someday in the future, school’s worth would be made known. The majority of the children of that poor Greece made it in life simply because the word FEAR was ignored and only the words HOPE AND FAITH sustained our parents. Should the parents of 2015 think that great expectations come only through great work in building an educational future for their children?

Till next Friday’s Rock Post I wish you keep in mind that school is the Path to open to new possibilities and have realistic expectations in your life!


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