Greek Volunteers who read for others who can’t!

A post I read on facebook is the reason for this week’s post. A great team of 700 volunteers have started simply reading for others , for those who can’t. They read for blind people, prisoners, kids at hospitals ,old people at Senior Homes and any group that can’t have access to books. That’s fascinating for me thinking of how important Bibliotherapy is as Wikipedia states:

Bibliotherapy is an old concept in library science. According to the Greek Historian  Diodorus Siculus, in his monumental work Bibliotheca historica, there was a phrase above the entrance to the royal chamber where books were stored by King Ramses II of Egypt. Considered to be the oldest known library motto in the world, it read: “House of Healing for the Soul.Bibliotherapy is an expressive therapy that involves the reading of specific texts with the purpose of healing. It uses an individual’s relationship to the content of books and poetry and other written words as therapy. Bibliotherapy is often combined with writing therapy. It has been shown to be effective in the treatment of depression. These results have been shown to be long-lasting.

Reading is a healing process and can only pay back by offering peace of mind and better reorganisational skills. That medicine for the soul can cure traumas and wounds with the help of  literature emotional health is restored, too.

Even if you are across the ocean do spread the message for this wonderful initiative of  “Diavazo gia tous allous” meaning  “I read for Others” and support their cause in any way possible. BRAVO to those Greeks who have the courage to offer to others and devote time and effort when Greece is struggling so hard. Hope, Courage, Love for Books can no way die It only Revives!

Till next Friday’s Rock Post, read as many books as possible, have a nice weekend , reading!



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