Educational Therapy is the answer to learning difficulties.

Having previous week’s issues related to my students’ behaviour and learning process I started searching once more the net on how I can help them become more effective while facing learning difficulties. So, I ended up to Educational Therapy which deals with attentional, motivational and behavioral difficulties in a variety of settings such as school, work or home.


While looking at Alice reading her book I thought of how students of any kind of learning difficulties think of studying. For some of them is like sitting on a mushroom, so fragile area to stay calm and go on processing their ideas, others are like the bunny almost stay still unable to interact no matter what the teacher or whole class suggests; there are those who seem to enjoy the process of explaining the lesson but seem unable to follow ,these are the timetravellers as I call them!

You may wonder why the family context doesn’t contribute to kids’ improvement on reading and writing skills or why the application of certain principles seems to be unrealizable regarding the management of difficulties. Well, here in Greece the speech/language pathologist , the psychologist seem to be the last resort when the child has reached teenage years. Such a pity ! No hope for teachers to persuade parents to ask for help. So, we as teachers have to  place an emphasis on the development of self-monitoring skills and strategies, and on general problem-solving techniques, as well as on the acquisition of vocabulary for students wih various issues.

Speaking for me this means great amounts of energy to be spent and new type of teaching methods to incorporate in class with ace students and those who struggle.I feel so much burdened for issues that I am not called to offer the solution. I only wish there was a way cto help students to ameliorate their writing, memory and understanding without having them think that they are lazy or unable to excel at school. I hope parents who read my post Do understand the seriousness of the situation and Do know that I will do my best for their kids but this can be successful  only with their help, too!

Till this Friday’s Rock Post, think of changes you need to implement in your teaching and don’t be afraid to use them!


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