Mobile school of Hope around the world!

Mobile school of hope is a brilliant idea for street living kids offering educational background to them and learning opportunities. This ‘school’ is a small boxlike trailer that telescopes out into a series of panels with interactive games that are facilitated for children by the Street Educator. The ‘school’ is an educational instrument that has been adapted to the reality of street living and street working children in 36 countries around the globe. The challenge for these real heros both teachers and kids is to motivate kids’ interest to pay attention to education, hygiene issues as well as to establish a relationship among them based on trust. The school aims at kids’ personal well being and uplift of their self-esteem so they start taking up positive changes in their behaviour leaving aside the stamp of being failures just because they live on streets and lack of a regular home basis.


I consider these teachers work amazing thinking of the difficulties and social contexts they have to work. Their contribution to street kids is beyond bounds since they have to instill educational values to these kids and help them see the possibility of having a real life in the future. Comparing the difficulties the teachers have to face worldwide to these teachers’ work I have to say their initiative is a sample of courage and true love for knowledge and kids. If you visit the organisation’s site  you will be surprised of the work and help provided to teachers around the world helping the street kids to find their potential in life.

Never lose Hope for something better and more enjoyable , think of all possibilities and love education, too till next Friday’s Rock Post think of ways to rock your own educational methods!

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