A Treehouse is a magic ball that turns your world around!

Teaching A and B Junior classes the  Magic Ball series of books is a good way for my students to dream and think of far away lands, with dragons and fairies coming unexpectedly, having  the protagonists meet almost every day at the treehouse near their area’s park. I am a big fan of treehouses and I often recall the one my cousins had near their house at the village, these three boys were running up there to hide and avoid their father’s shouting. It was dilappidated but so cute! I had visited it once or twice I don’t remember how many times but I only wish I could have a treehouse, too. Reading an article on  a particular treehouse made me want to write a post on treehouses and how they contribute to imagination’s awakening.

The treehouse you see right here was constructed by a grandfather’s  pure love  for his grandchildren, there is more info on http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/tools-and-accessories/grandfather-builds-incredible-treehouse-in-back-garden/

That’s a super wow treehouse I would like to own! Treehouses give the chance to kids to start dreaming big since they  consist a great wayto be close to nature. Their educational purpose is to combine learning with pleasure. Fun activities such as collecting bugs, or walking back and forth the rope bridge is a good way for kids to start creating images and thinking of more possibilities. If you choose to let them have a notebook or an artist’s block then they will definitely create more than you can imagine. They can even arrange reading meetings there and start reading while engaging themselves in various activities that demand concentration and less technological devices. Kids need their own space, that’s a must if we want them to develop sensory and writing techniques, but I am referring to the  place they imagine having which is  not always the fancy place parents are used to choosing. Fun nd satisfaction can come from simpler places like a treehouse.

A treehouse is the ideal place for your kids to empower themselves, avoid phobias, find themselves and their destiny thru activities and choices that offer peace, and less pressure. There kids  have plenty of freedom to do whatever they want to, dream big and feel the nature’s pulse. A treehouse could be a perfect hiding place and doesn’t have to be a huge construction, the only thing to worry is to choose the right tree and place to have it!

Huge or tiny a treehouse is the best palce ever! Till next friday’s rock post, dream big and start thinking of that treehouse you have forgotten all these years!

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