All you need is Love , Faith , and little of Pixie Dust!

Being overwhelmed is probably not the right word to describe how every day issues have taken over my free time the previous week but I guess if I had little more Pixie Dust then everything would be o.k , indeed! Having decided to participate in NaNoWriMo challenge is a really great step , especially when my novel needs to be finished and this challenge came just about in time to be a good reminder. Even if you doubt you are not going to make it thru, at least give it a try ! November is also the Picture Book Month so celebrating in  any possible way and participating is a must! New ideas have sprung every day for picture book ideas and I do feel my Fairy has sent me loads and loads of Pixie Dust! 

Noone is too old for Fairytales, unless insecurity invades your thinking and you think you are unable to enjoy the sprinkles of Pixie Dust falling around you. Having a very dear friend of mine talking about his life’s experiences the past week I considered how important is not to let the open doors to close in front of our faces when we look at them.Yesterday I read a very beautiful quote on teachers and what they should be offering to their students: “Students need to take something home when leaving class.”

Except for Pixie Dust sprinkling I do care they leave class with a powerful message that they have to think extensively and write down as many suggestions as they can. The options they come up with offer to whole class new perspectives and stir up great discussions. Who said that Pixie Dust isn’t responsible for disagreements or new topics to be developed?

Don’t be afraid to receive the  help from the ethereal, or heavenly spirit, which knocked your door only to cause something humanly impossible to happen.It’s Pixie Dust and some new doors have opened, you can step into them, one at a time but do that and invite your students to follow you!

Till next Friday’s Rock Post, may your Fairy mothers sprinkle Pixie Dust around you!

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