Teacher alert! Where has Emotional Intelligence gone?

I intend to call this school year as the Year of Shyness and of no Emotional Intelligence, or emotional quotient (EQ) which   is a “person’s ability to identify, evaluate, control and express emotions.”  Boys of different age groups  seem to be unable to express themselves in class meaning they are all the time distracted, having difficulty in paying attention, thus becoming furstrated.

They give the class the look declaring that they have failured, having feelings of anger, disappointment or the most usual of all, feelings of shame are exhibited to the whole class. The teacher’s role is to strengthen the emotional climate in class and build positive relationships while reducing incidences of conflict among students. But how can a teacher equip students in question with the necessary tools so they  start communicating with the teacher, learn how to negotiate situations and develop clear thought patterns? You may think that’s the parents’ work, but I have to say that the teacher is called to unlock students thoughts so that they become free from their own shackles  being no longer trapped by anything or attached to anything. 

The  graphical representation of ideas below in a radial, non-linear manner as an example of a typical mind map diagram focuses on a central key word with other items linked to and arranged around the central topic. Mind maps encourage a brainstorming style approach to planning and organizational tasks and I have used them in class especially when incidents happen to show to my students how their way of thinking relates a lot about action and consequence.

People with high EQ can manage emotions, use their emotions to facilitate thinking, understand emotional meanings and accurately perceive others’ emotions. EQ is partially determined by how a person relates to others and maintains emotional control. This is a hard goal to be reached for a shy boy or teen who still seems undecided on how to start building his own self-confidence. The sad thing is that super clever students are so shy and afraid of themselves to make a step further since I guess they try to decipher their groups’ emotional state losing a significant battle with themselves.

The teacher  alert is what I call the mute call for help from these students so now I have made a list of what bothers or even hinders them to display their Emotional Intelligence. I do a lot of search through Test quizzes and face to face sessions to find out the reasons why this happens. Using various tools is the best option and the story board is one of them for  boosting creativity and unleashing thoughts. Here is the link to check on that,  http://www.storyboardthat.com/education/free-tech-4-teachers.

Speaking for young learners I have used in class children’s books which have a special message in their stories and till now  they have worked fine as a motivator to young learners so they open up and become more visual thinkers expressing slowly their Emotional Intelligence. Her is a list of some of which I consider really helpful:



Enjoy reading till next Friday’s Rock Post and make your emotions known you will surely feel better!



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