Happy Thanksgiving! Show gratitude and love!

Giving Thanks for what we have good or bad is an ultimate action of kindness and selfrealization.Although Thanksgiving is considered to be:

Thanksgiving means to show Gratitude. The abstract noun gratitude comes from Medieval Latin gratitudo, “thankfulness.” The adjective grateful comes from an obsolete adjective grate, “agreeable, thankful,” which came from a Latin adjective, gratus, “pleasing.”


If you only want to attract Good and Hope then Gratitude has to be the key ingredient for your own inner transformation. Thanksgiving gives us the chance to show our Gratitude and Love to Family and Friends, Don’t miss the chance show it in any form of a nice word, a flower or a real Festivity with Turkey and a lot of joy! Till next Friday’s Rock Post, enjoy the day and think how Grateful you are!



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