A new review for “Amelie Gets Busy”!

Feeling great for having a new review for my e-book”Amelie Gets Busy” by


One of the illustrations by Joanna Scott Does ART is there with yiayia(Greek word for grandmother and little Amelie). More fabulous news to come for “Amelie” the book is going to be published with more work included in it than it already has in its e-book format. More update on that soon!




4 thoughts on “A new review for “Amelie Gets Busy”!

    • Happy New Year Sofia! I wish the best for you, more Joy, Creativity and an outpouring of Blessings to have in your Path.May your Guardian Angel and your Solid Faith to accompagny you all year round!!

      • Thank you so much for your heartfelt wishes. It looks like your work is truly awesome. I have read a segment of your book and it is truly amazing. It caught my fancy at the drop of the hat. Keep up the good work and I am pleased to have met you here in the blogsphere.

  1. Thank you Sofia, it’s the childhood memories that spring up and bring all this tender feelings and images. Having the book published with more images added, and work done for the text too I am sure you will love it! My writing goal is to touch both children’s and adults’ heart, I feel so great for succeeding in that! I feel Blessed and happy for meeting you in the blogsphere, too!
    I truly enjoy your writing may more Revelations come to you thru the course of time!

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