Homework Volunteers are needed!

An essay topic led one of my classes to be wondering about Homework Volunteering. People who are Homework Helpers have opportunities to make a difference in the lives of students and derive satisfaction from supporting a culture of higher learning. Their goal is to encourage and inspire students of different backgrounds to become lifelong learners. Students get to know what commitment means but the same happens for the person who volunteers, too. Americam Libraries promote this special program having volunteers to assist students while they prepare their assignments or when they are  dealing with  their school projects. You can have an idea of how this works by visiting the following sites :






It’s a fascinating thing to help students who luck of guidance on promoting their skills; particularly when concepts and various approaches can be used so they adopt effective methods on studying. Living in the era of the internet it seems so acceptable to use plagiarism in order to have tasks completed and students lack of organisational skills plus critical thinking. The majority  of people do love technology because their dreams and pursuits can better and quicker be realised  thru it. However, keeping notes, checking your study guides or even reviewing (may be a writer’s work you could say) but still remains the only way for students to develop their own ability to reconstruct their own way of thinking.

The Homework Volunteers offer to students the most precious part of their education, just because students feel that are provided with constructive feedback and get to know their potential. It’s really miraculous how these volunteers show the way to students to discover their hidden talents and they are given the chance to excel at their chosen field.


Intellectual freedom can be offered when you teach students to think freely and show them which direction leads to this free way. I feel so proud for those Homework Volunteers and i wish our Libraries here in Greece took that initiative so as to bless the lives of the less fortunate.

Till next Friday’s Rock Post, think of today’s difficulties as the unknown road to a better place, till then continue dreaming Big!


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