Letter writing is back to fashion!

Students around the world seem to avoid letter writing and their excuse is that they need so much extra time to write and let their ideas flow in the paper. Although they  use  computers constantly some of my students have adopted the habit of letter writing at least for once a month. Their topics vary since they choose them and then they start asking how to make their letters be more appropriate for their readers. The girls especially care for structure and the appropriate vocabulary so that their letters be a work of art. They even add extra drawing in more pages to show what their thinking is about their chosen topic. I can tell these girls could be illustrators and writers at the same time.



It’s really encouraging to have young students caring for the postman and the bright stamps having so many questions on why we choose these stamps and then have that look in their eyes for creating something special, thinking of their beloved ones or even write letters to be sent to their teacher and their teacher’s friend!

Yes, this did happen yesterday when a very creative girl a real carefree person decided to write a letter to my friend to Arizona after having heard so much about her. When students hear in class stories for  people who are so exceptional then I guess they want to show their appreciation and love. Some girls at my school have decided to write some response letters to famous people having queries on their deeds and unsual life. These “open letters” take the form of a class discussion for some classes and give the chance to students to learn something new.


That’s the real charm of handwriting and having your thoughts on paper, you share dreams and you make others dream big, too! Writing letters is a great way for kids of any age to share feelings and insights about life, they even nourish their imagination and start writing poetry or short stories.

Don’t be afraid to involve your students in this wonderful activity, till next Friday’s Rock Post, write on what pleases and let your vibes take the others with you!



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