Zizel’s Valentine Day! A tiny Valentiny Story!




Susanna Leonard Hill hosts for the first time this Valen-tiny writing Contest.

Valen-tiny because the stories are not very long and are written for little people.

The Contest:  since writing for children is all about “big emotion for little people” (I forget who said that, but someone did so I put it in quotes!) and Valentines Day is all about emotion, write a Valentines story appropriate for children (children here defined as ages 12 and under) maximum 214 words in which someone is grumpy!  Your story can bepoetry or prose, sweet, funny, surprising or anything in between, but it will only count for the contest if it includes someone grumpy (can be the main character but doesn’t have to be) and is 214 words max (get it? 2/14 for Valentines Day). Visit her website for more on rules and fabulous prizes!

Be Still My Heart! The 1st Annual Valentiny Writing Contest Is Here!!!

Here is my entry, inspired by a very good friend of mine who has a playful dog!


Zizel’s Valentine Day!  words 211

by Agatha Rodi.


George heard his mom’s cheerful voice  from the kitchen downstairs.

He pulled his pillow over his head, he wanted to stay in bed. It was Sunday. But it was Valentine’s day.

‘Where have you been, George?” asked his mom, entering the room.

Oh! No! No! He shouted and tossed his pillow away.

“You are supposed to be helping me with the cake mix.”

That moment Zizel sneaked in.

George started laughing out loud when he saw her. She was wearing a Puppy Love dress having her name in gold colored rhinestones.

“George, I know this is strange for you, but please try to have a good attitude” his mom sighed.

‘Mom, Zizel is just a dog, you shouldn’t…” he mumbled.

“Come on, George, stop being grumpy,” said mom.

A few minutes later George rushed into the kitchen. Bright pink and fuchsia bone balloons were hanging from the ceiling. Valentine’s teddy bears were scattered around.

“Are you in to make a Puppy Peanut Butter cake?” mom asked.

“What about our cake?” George wondered.

“Zizel upturned the Oreo layer cake,” Mom said whispering.

“The cake is gone, now!” George said.

He heard his mom say, “She loves munching so let’s have her cake first!”

“A cake for Zizel?” George asked.



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