March Bracelets for you!March Reading for the kids!

It’s Spring time full of desire for change and new paths to follow! March is the first Spring month celebrated here in Greece with the red and white braided bracelets. Kids especially get excited for these bracelets called” Martis” the Greek name for March, or “Martia” meaning  something related to March. The red colour symbolizes passion and the joy for life while the white colour symbolizes purity.


Kids and adults alike wear these bracelets, tied on their wrists, from the first day  of March so they don’t get burned on their cheeks by the early spring.Red and white colour is also associated with the cheeks’ colour since cheeks are rosy but with a white complexion.

“Martis” bracelets are worn till the end of March.When kids see the first swallow  they simply leave their bracelets on some roses. There is also the belief that they  have to wear them untill the Midnight Mass of the Greek Orthodox Easter, so when the traditional bonfires are lit, the bracelets are removed and thrown into the fires.


Along with Spring celebrate and spread the message of March Reading Month activity! March is dedicated to reading activities and there are hundreds of books to choose from.Reading aloud to your kids or your students is the best activity ever since they get occupied with the pictures and start wondering on what they hear. Funny, engaging books to cover every taste will help kids to choose their books when they are fed up with toys and electronics. Thinking of Spring and the flowers’ scent in the air I got from my bookcase some books that I like you to take and go out with your “Martis” so that you do celebrate March in the best way! Don’t miss the chance to read at least one of these books and enjoy the serenity and beauty of Spring.

Till next Friday’s Rock Post, Laugh, Remember and Feel the Butterflies dancing for you!

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