My entry for 50 Precious Words writing Contest!

I am so thrilled to participate in the 50 Precious Words writing contest  as a part of celebrating Theodore Geisel’s birthday better known as Dr. Seuss. That was Vivian  Kirkfield’s  superb idea, check here for the official rules and deadline.

Great prizes are offered plus mini critiques and Kristen Fulton offers a seat in the April Non-Fiction Archaeology Class! That’s Great News, a Must Class for every one who writes NF Picture Books.

My entry has to do with the Wild Cat found on Crete’s Island here in Greece, I was so curious and still am about this cat! Its scientific name is (Felis silvestris cretensis) but I chose its Greek Cretan name “Fourogatos” meaning the cat that escapes all the time.Fourogatos was considered extinct for many years, and its existence was scarcely evidenced by local shepherds  on Crete island, at the area of Psiloritis mountain.

The only information we have had about this animal until recently has come from two pelts purchased in Chania by Englishwoman Dorothea Bate, a member of a scientific expedition, in 1905. However, on April 10, 1996 two students from the University of Perugia came to Crete to study the carnivorous animals of Crete in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in University of Crete. They set up traps near Platanos village in Amari valley and managed to catch an animal that took flesh and blood for first time. Later, a shepherd found a nest with 5 kittens in the forest of Rouvas area, a beautiful place which I had the chance to visit!

Here is a picture of him  so that you see him!



Enjoy my entry !


Find me in Greece!

Oh! it’s me the Cretan Wild Cat!

U know I’m 50cm in length,

Running up on Psiloritis Mountain!

Once a year 4-7 kittens come

Grr, I growl like a tiger

And I have a narrow tail

Tawny pelt, come and see!

Oh! I forgot, I’m

Shy, indeed!




2 thoughts on “My entry for 50 Precious Words writing Contest!

  1. Agatha…how amazing! You gave us a wonderful lesson and wonderful story, in less than 50 words…I LOVE IT!
    Thank you so much for joining in the fun…it’s turning into more than I ever imagined. And I’m thrilled to read these fantastic stories. 😉

    • Thanks Vivian , i do feel great for writing for such an unknown wild cat the Greek Fourogatos! I feel so wonderful for reading all these wonderful stories! You are trully amazing!

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