Happy students are on cloud nine!

It’s is a common thing for teachers around the world to have students in their classes who choose to be on cloud 9 when lectures take place.Those particular moments they choose to be somewhere with “their fairies” as some of them say to me or just “to let their mind free to create new things.” These sayings from  my students’  part were taken as a form of escapism at the beggining thinking that they need to escape from daily routine and indulge themselves in daydreaming as a means to avoid phobias or other issues.m303-58

After discussing with them and reading the latest studies on the issue of daydreaming I figured out how important is for students to daydream! Their brain can’t stop reviewing and checking on experiences felt or seen so they can spin a yarn in a more fanciful way than the kids who seem to be more curious and don’t lose focus easily.



Triggering the imagination is the best way to unleash creativity and start exhibiting social skills and empathy for others.Empathy is the experience of understanding another person’s condition from their perspective. You place yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling. Empathy is known to increase prosocial (helping) behaviors. Students as grown ups seem to be resolving conflicts easily, they are less aggressive and build up successful relationships. So, what is really daydreaming? Well, it is surely different than  Attention Deficit Disorders whose symptoms and solutions are complex and open to great research.

Permiting your students to daydream is bound to be  a very positive attribute for their personality and their future career goals. Such students tend to become promising  scientists, artists even writers! Creativity is at its best when it’s not confined and isn’t a forced one. Daydreamers are the students with high capacity whose “enjoyment” favors many forms of expression!


Till next Friday’s Rock Post teach your students to reflect on meaning of events, evaluate emotional reactions, express themselves thru writing poetry, let them take you  to places with their wandering mind!



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