Books to read and Glowing Trees!

When we read interviews and articles of people who write and rewrite plus read and read all the time, we think that writing is something that comes so easy, well it certainly does but it also involves great dedication and Love for nonstop reading and rediscovering of knowledge and inspiration. Having the previous days so many celebrations to include in our school’s program, like Earth’s Day, Books’ Day, Poetry Month, Librarians’ Celebration, plus the Activities for Greek Easter, I now find the time to write this week’s post.I have been struggling on which books to choose as my favourite ones. Thinking of my mood lately and where I would like to be I choose to write about Fireflies and Knights.


I got the impulse while reading a great article on how ‘bioluminescent’ trees that glow like fireflies could one day replace our streetlights. You can reach the article here:
That would be really awesome and I would like to consider myself as a night reader, experiencing  the mysterious feelings of Earth’s breathing thru trees, grass and fireflies around! Books’ luminoscity comes straight out from each page either it is day or night,  reading under the summer stars or when full moon is so luminous as tonight, in the sky you will feel the magic!


Looking for Fireflies and Fairies is a great occupation for kids and grown-ups alike and when they come out from a book page then the luminous feeling spreads around you! Fireflies are nocturnal members of Lampyridae, a family of insects within the beetle order Coleoptera, or winged beetles.The family name, Lampyridae comes from the Greek “lampein,” meaning to shine … just like a lamp.Books like Fireflies hold this Light for you the reader to make it your own and then share it with the others. Books are a source of great magic, the one that helps you think more and every rereading of chapters or books with the same theme , makes you Feel the magic and use it in every sense of it!


You may prefer the E-Books or the smell of the real Books or your Local Library where you can live the adventures you want, whatever the case is: always carry a book with you, even a a tiny booklet with poems or sayings the ones that bring smile on your face and peace in your heart.Dragons and Knights, Fairies and Fireflies are waiting to come in touch with you and get to know that your choices are.


When you have free time, Do make a detour and spend some hours of the day or better some days reading your favourite writer or even find out  books that you wouldn’t read the ones that don’t suit to your taste. Why? Because there is always Magic and Fireflies to guide you to new paths and help you find out new compagny for your journey!

Till Next Friday’s Rock Post, grab a Book and Rock your World!






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