Sweet Month of May I pray your Flowers stay!

Having Greek Easter vacation is the best thing to happen after participating in Susanna Hill’s class” Making Picture Book Magic”, which I highly recommend to you, don’t be afraid of writing and working on making your manuscripts perfect because that’s what happens when you get to know Susanna.When you pursue things  and looking only at the bright side  as I do,  you then meet online good faeries like Kristen Fulton and you get to discover your potential!

Then exchanging ideas and meeting new people is another thing that happened during Angie Karcher’s RhyPiBoMo challenge(what an experience!) and before that there was ReFoReMo and Carrie Charley Brown, plus two critique groups and Paula Yoo’s NaPiBoWriWee; while preparing manuscripts , reading, writing,searching and revising! Mayday was a great day since I was the winner of Maritza Mejia’s Poetry collection,  “Poems, Thoughts and More” Award-winning VCBA Poetry 2015!

I am happy beacuse April was so full and happier for having Maritza’s poems! Having limited time to contribute to my blog’s Friday Rock Posts more, I chose three poems to welcome May and nature’s rejuvenation, the first one is written by the famous Colombian Poet Jose Asuncion Silva and is dedicated to Maritza Mejia! Till my next post don’t miss the chance to admire nature, roll on the fields when you can and listen to the birds’ chirping!


Butterflies by Jose Asuncion Silva(Colombia 1865-1896)

 In a fragile vase
In your chamber are
Preserved butterflies
That when touched by
A brilliant sun ray
Turn to mother-of-pearl,
Pieces of iridescent
Evening sky
Or opaline glimmer
Of velvety wings;
There the azure
Daughters of the air,
Mercurial wings
Now fixed forever,
Wings that traversed
Unexplored valleys
That like the desires
Of your enamored soul
Seem, at dawn,
To be revived
When you unlatch
Your windows and sun
Explodes in your eyes
And in crystalline panes.

The May-pole by Robert Herrick(England 1591-1674)

          THE May-pole is up,
       Now give me the cup,
I’ll drink to the garlands around it ;
       But first unto those
       Whose hands did compose
The glory of flowers that crown’d it.

       A health to my girls,
       Whose husbands may earls
Or lords be, granting my wishes,
       And when that ye wed
       To the bridal bed,
Then multiply all, like to fishes.


May by Anomymous.

Hail, sweet month of May!
Hail, bright month of May!
Bring sunshine with thee,
Chasing clouds away.
March has left us sighing
In cold and chilly blast,
April’s tears have fallen,
May has come at last!

I will wander in the meadows,
I will search in sunny bowers,
I will cut sweet-scented posies,
I will twine a wreath of flowers.
The lily and the rosebud
With May I will entwine,
And lay them for an offering
Upon Our Lady’s shrine.

And there is another offering
Which at Mary’s feet I’ll lay,
I know that she will prize it more
Than all the flowers of May,
I will pray to her to keep it
And never from it part,
And my Queen will deign to take it –
My poor, yet loving heart.

I will pray to her to guide it,
In truth and wisdom’s way,
And make it pure and balmy
As the flowers which spring in May;
I will pray to her to warm it
With the sunshine of her love,
And make it fit to deck a crown
One day in heaven above.

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