There is no cure for Curiosity!

Creativity and curiosity are cousins, that was one  Google Quote, that gave me the idea to start writing this week’s Rock Post. Some say Kids are curious because they want to discover things fast but others believe adults are more curious than kids. While re-editing one of my stories, I got really curious about how a kid would react when being forbidden to ask or do certain things.Parents care for their kids but when they become very annoying by asking the same question hundreds of times,  then parents try to impose rules to have them under control.

The reason? The question may be disturbing enough or inappropriate for their age to know the answer. Since parents can’t satisfy their curiosity kids have tantrums, same to volcano explosions! If you wonder for the solution to this then parents need either to rephrase their answers if that’s possible or provide them with choices so that kids get a partial satisfaction of the explanation given.


These little rebels are getting frustated and feel it’s unfair to not know what really happens regarding space or their dog’s behaviour. By giving them the chance to know you help them create a fulfilling future, believing in themselves, envision difficulties and learn step by step how their curiosity can be in favor of them or the worst scenario is to be against them. Curiosity is a good way to help kids to attempt things and familiarise with failure. They get to know that their projects or goals need patience, perseverence and satisfaction means hard work. What is sure is that kids become more autonomous and responsible when they get informed. Curiosity is the best way to keep creativity alive and to drag others with you so you create unbelievable projects, have fun, offer hope and keep being curious! Till next week’s post go on and be curious you too, you never know what you are going to discover!





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