Craft is to construct with care and ingenuity!

Writing and rewriting can only make you happy! I haven’t been on my blog for almost a month I have been revising and revising and writing and revising  and writing my stories plus  participating in “The Craft and Business of writing  Children’s Picture Books” with Dr. Mira Reisberg , Editor Kelly Delaney and Bryan Patrick Avery.
Yes, I am the Children’s Book Academy  official graduate!Writing is absolutely CRAFT which means that it comprises the following:
Felicity &
 Today I had a shower of love by one of my 12 year old student. she showed me her dummy picture book which she illustrated and wrote in Greek last year! She’s shy but she revealed to me that she writes even a story for me and how she processes the story in her mind changing it many times. I was full with tears!
A unique girl, Athanasia Mpilianou, decided to watch Monday’s with Mira Reisberg on youtube ,so that she gets to know as many books as possible! Awesome, awesome!!!
Talk to your kids, students about books about what you write and why. I have been doing that in most classes when I complained to my students to be quiet because I haven’t slept or when sharing with them my story. I had a blast these 5 weeks and now i feel so happy for one more reason, my love for books and writing is transmitted and that is the only thing that counts!
The story is about Princess Sarah and Prince Ken they want to get married but Sarah’s mother doesn’t give her consent. The bad queen is in prison the soldiers let the couple live together. Enjoy!

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