Summer travelling adventure & writing magic!

Writing  is an addiction that  is difficult to describe you see its symptoms vary according to your mood and the circumstances. I could never imagine in my life that my travelling to U.S on 16 of  July would be so adventurous starting with  a military coup in Turkey but ending up to be one of the most surprising travels I have ever made!


Attending the WOW RETREAT 2016, especially for  non-fiction, historical fiction, picture book writers  in Helen, Georgia -Atlanta; meeting extraordinary people, writers, editors, agents, getting to know how valuable   Facebook Friendships are , when formed on the other side of the world (yes!here Facebook gets the credit); left me simply speechless.Kristen Fulton was the person who spread Love, Peace and  Joy!



Loving books and writing stories is the best way to keep memories alive and promote so many ideas, customs and traditions that unite the world and show how similar we all are in reallity. Travelling is the only way to open your eyes and have the experiences that will definitely  help you to make your writing shine! Except for Atlanta I had the opportunity to spend almost two weeks with family members in Mesa Arizona, explore the area, check on bookstores two days from noon to late evening, reading books, enjoying every page, having new stories in mind and thinking of how books reunite people and bring PEACE OF MIND! Once I got to Grand Canyon another WOW Miracle, i got excited and trully amazed but the serenity, and the beauty of the wonderfully shaped Rocks, their colour and strength, emitted power and got eme mesmerized. Visiting such a huge National Park in U.S having thousands visitors around you whom you ignore when the beauty of the surroundings captivates your being!20160801_143443_resized

Arizona is my beloved State not because I link it to beloved people but the wild and original beauty make it exceptional. Before my visit to Grand Canyon a fortune cookie at a chinese restaurant reminded to me to “Embrace Music in my life” so my friend Amalia Balch, chose to visit the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix,, being a teacher I had a free pass and the three hours I spent there  were a real bliss! Instruments from every corner of the world, even exotic islands, my country Greece, costumes and singers’ personal items, strange and unknown  instruments and so much info to process.


Thinking of how my travel ended? Visiting New York, enjoying the lights and the huge scryscrapers and the MOMA Museum, spending two days there with my friend Roula Stefanaki, feeling the Cosmopolitan air of the Big Apple State, admiring the beautiful bridges and different architecture, the greenery of Central Park,  walking the busy streets, enjoying the view of Astoria Bridge by night!

13931463_1135760313148153_1170857072_o - Copy

It’s difficult which pics to choose when I have seen so much for twenty days, I now started focusing again on my writing,  trying to email all the new friends, prioritizing  the School obligations, recalling beautiful memories and unforgettable incidents. In my following posts I will have info on certain gold advice that Mentor writers,  Agents and Editors shared at the WOW RETREAT.It’s summer time and it’s dream, vacation time so I am excused, I guess!

Till next week’s Rock Post, write from the heart, Love writing  stories and be ready for what life brings to you. I couldn’t think of any other way for saying goodbye than having Root Beet Float! Enjoy!













8 thoughts on “Summer travelling adventure & writing magic!

    • Oh! Kristen I got so emotional recalling the Retreat’s moments and the fabulous time i hd in Arizona and New York that took me three hours to finish this post!LOVELY PEOPLE make the LOVELIEST moments to share for life!THANK YOU for the opportunity!

  1. Agatha, wonderful to meet you face to face. So happy for your travels. Visiting grandkids. Will catch up with you soon. Happy writing.

    • Thank you sweet Vivian, I am excited meeting you too, you’re a very warm and thoughtful person, i wish we meet again, soon, take your time and we talk again when you are free from worries. Greetings to you!

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