Letter ‘D’ is for Delight Retreat and Dogs’ National Day!

Having my mind focused on School’s work and extra appointments I finally got the time to continue writing about the fantastic time I had at WowRetreat in Atlanta this July. So I thought of starting with Barb Rosenstock, that great writer who talked about the essentials of writing process. But then I had a day ALERT, because it is Dogs’ National Day today and I couldn’t leave them, since I LOVE doggies like crazy!

006-1_2_3_3  Barb with whom I had  hilarious moments at the Retreat will like the fact that I followed her initial saying on how to Find the Process of Writing; which was to “Read & Talk to others” so that every writer traces easier the target of its story.I chose to combine this post with Barb’s exceptional info about the “Delight” of writing which I personally find equal to  the “Delight” Dogs offer to our life.

Barb’s strongest advice  about Writing was to:

  • WRITE and use your strengths in order to make the difference
  • RESEARCH , Curiosity when it’s true it will drive your story and then Tight its focus
  • You need Action Oriented Pictures when writing NonFiction, Every single spread needs ACTION
  • ALWAYS LOOK FOR STORIES, Ideas have alittle bit of building stories so don’t overlook that fact or consider it as unimportant

Regarding your STORY well that’s HOOKS Barb says!

  • Your Character has to be compelling he either wants or needs something desperately
  • He has to keep the Reader’s ATTENTION as Struggles and Obstacles are faced
  • He has to Satisfy the Reader with a RESOLUTION
  • Take the Pixar Story Map as an example that worked for Brb in aterrific way for her story “Noisy Paint Box”

But the most important part for Barb is “WHAT IS universal FOR YOUR STORY?”

  • You will only be sure for that if you LEARN how to judge your own story meaning to CREATE as many Potentials as possible

If you wonder on how to FInd  STORY IDEAS, well Barb suggests to:

  • Have Files and Lists on your computer and access them often, you never know
  • Siteson numerous Topics and Interests even if you don’t write about the topics
  • Pursue People and Interests because this is how you Learn
  • READ kids NonFiction to see what’s NOT THERE!
  • Travel, Take Classes, SEW, READ,DISCOVER new WORDS, DO anything and find IDEAS out of your Comfort Zone!

Barb’s passion for writing still echoes in my ears, her flamboyant personality offered great delight to all the participants at the Retreat. As a writer I remind to myself how important is to sew, read and discover constantly. I try to combine all these activities when writing or not and especially when I am surrounded with my dogs or friends’ dogs then that makes the adventure unforgettable. Writing is a healing process and a walk to unknown territories.If you do want to unleash your hidden Passion then SHAKE IT UP! LIVE CREATIVELY with a dog or more around you!



2 thoughts on “Letter ‘D’ is for Delight Retreat and Dogs’ National Day!

  1. “So What!!!” That’s what I remember Barb saying, over and over. Find the so what! We had such a wonderful time at the WOW conference. I’m so glad you made it, Agatha, or I wouldn’t have gotten to hang out with you! Great post, by the way.

    • Oh yes Mona!you are right on that.Barb repeated that many times to emphasize the steps we the writers have to reconsider all the time.I am thrilled meeting you Mona,I hope we meet again soon and have so much fun!

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