Precious tears for “The Tear Thief.”

I am late in posting on my blog trying to find my usual rythms combining  teaching, writing, reading, thinking of how to farewell a friend whose presense was short in my  life. Deirdre Sheridan Englehart’s  kindness and  approach can’t be fogotten, I met her at the WOW RETREAT in Georgia this July and I admired her calmness and analytical suggestions. While trying to find out what it would be appropriate way for saying goodbye I had this unexpected encounter with this great book “The Tear Thief” written by Carol Ann Duffy and illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli. I am sure you will love it either reading it on pdf form or enjoying it on youtube,

The tear thief collects the children’s tears, throws them in a silver bag and then pours them into the moon to keep it glowing.


Coping with a loss is a significant issue especially for children whose tears for their mother’s loss can’t be counted. We are used in saying , time heals but, we forget that precious lovable people leave their mark for ever in our heart and a sort of legacy to go on.



I was suprised to find out so many books written for children, sharing positivity for a beloved one’s loss. Death is a transformation and can take many forms if we stop and ponder for a minute  thinking and relating myths, cultural beliefs.

Firstly it can be the  4451bf7269b08851071687b399783714that unites the people on earth wih those up in the sky. The people that we are missing aren’t really gone as long as we remember them and talk about them.

Then, there iscc3502581f7ede1ceed86d97e2ec954e Lifetimes that tells us about beginnings. And about endings. And about living in between.

But the question remains on :sub-whatisdeathChildren and adults try to get a better undestanding each time it happens. Who can tell us? Anyone can give his own explanation based on his cultural context and personal beliefs.

w204As in “Always and Forever” good friends recall their friend’s wisdom and support.This brings more joy in their life and offers courage to them to go on.

The powerful message 51tlmjg6jpl of Samantha Jane’s Missing mile is that “Crying can be a very good way to wash some of your sad feelings out, so there’s more room for happy feelings to get in.”

I Miss You: A First Look at Death 51sedegenxl-_sx258_bo1204203200_will help girls and boys realize that dying is really a natural balance to life, and also that sadness along with  a feeling of loss are common emotions for a child to have after a cherished one’s death.

We tend to forget that      life-is-like-the-wind-7 and blows in different ways. This beautiful book acknowledges the range of feelings associated with losing a loved one whether human or non-human. This book aims to help children not to be frightened of their reactions, but to explore their beliefs, acknowledge that others may have different ideas and then work out the ways they want to acknowledge their loss and their feelings.

And if you still wonder then  in this book:god-gave-us-angels-lisa-tawn-bergren-hardcover-cover-artIn one of the most tender moments of the book, Papa Bear admits that, as a grown up, he doesn’t have all the answers: “I’m not sure Little Cub. But no matter what happens, we can trust that he is near and watching. He loves us, even more than the angels do.”

His Angels are here on Earth, we shouln’t forget that. Till next week’s Rock  Post don’t forget to show how much you care about the people around you!


Deirdre Sheridan Engleheart, an Angel of pure heart!

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