Hard Goodbyes are the new Hellos!

Robin: You get scared?
Nightwing: Sure. Mostly of failing. Sometimes of dying. I’m human.
Robin: And Batman?
Nightwing: I’m not sure what scares him. Maybe he’s driven by his fears.Fear is a teacher, the first one you ever had. – “Scarecrow”

This Week’s Rock Post is dedicated to a Teacher, a very dear friend who has to be away for a year. A unique person that spread around in  the best way Dr. Seuss’s message:


A caring person, unselfish and altruistic. He possesses rare qualities. That’s him.A talented Teacher with full of inspiration and serenity in class, a mesmerizing Teacher.

“I am like Batman, I come, help and vanish,” he uses to say from time to time to excuse his presence in people’s life and struggles. So, I thought of having Batman’s quotes from  comic books written for Batman to  say Farewell to him in this way. Our students wait with impatience for this post, it’s been two days now trying to find the time to finish it. So, here I am trying to say goodbye with a big smile and encourage this Special  Person during his new adventure in life in serving the Greek Army.

When the unknown unfolds in front of us we are definitely scared and we feel the same doubts that little kids have for anything new. Fear factor controls our thoughts and we wonder about the dangers  of the unknown, or feel blessed for the “power of ignorance” as the dear friend is used in repeating when plans A,B,C don’t seem to work. Changes involve all the mystery and the unknown to the direction you are destined to reach.


You believe you can change the way of things, Batman. It is why you are  who you are. “The Phantom Stranger.”


Sometimes people influence you not so much by what they mean to you – as  by what they allow you to mean to them. “Gotham Knights.”

When students are indentified  with their Teacher  that’s a win-win situation. Their performance ameliorates, they find common ground with the Teacher and are self-motivated to develop competence. Mastering students’ fears in class is a mastery goal orientation itsself. This Teacher’s learning method was seemingly a “Quiet” one but what it really was had to do with:

  • Students’ evaluation on how to gain time to really explore and understand new ideas.
  • Students’ realising their mistakes are okay as long as  they are learning.
  • Students’ recognition  by responding to them with feedback, praise
  • Being affective : Teacher-Student interactions including caring, support, conflict, respect, humor.

“Hush” is considered to be one of the best comic stories written on  Batman as the great Blog:  http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2014/05/the-25-best-batman-comics-of-all-time/  ,   refers.

“One of the best-selling Batman stories of all time, Jeph Loeb’s “Hush” is a globetrotting mystery that packs in sprawling fight scenes and some of the best work of Jim Lee’s career.”


I chose this comic story to Farewell my friend.I encourage you to visit  the blog and get ideas for your writing. In fact I got one while writing my post! If reading comics is something you have never tried then here is another link to intoduce yourselves to “Batmania ” and discover what makes this extraordinary hero so Unique! Enjoy your weekend with  a Batman’s movie, I will definitely watch”The Dark Knight Rises.”



When I’d finally mastered my fear, I went to take another look at the   world. No, that’s inaccurate. I went out to learn how to be strong enough   to face it. To defend it. To gaze into it and accept it for what it   was… without flinching. “Batman, Secret Origins of the JLA.”

                                                    “Keep Calm & Rise!”


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