Once in a Rainy day , Play in the Puddles!

Every school year seems to be totally different than the last one.what if kids seem to compromise with the idea of studying, summer time is still in the corner for them.Noone is ready to adapt to the new reality, there is a slow pace reaction from students to fully cooperate and get used to daily schedule. That’s a stormy situation, too much fuss for nothing you may say, winter is coming so every little fellow will have to be enclosed inside his house, quarelling for more time to use his/her laptop or watch cartoons and films! What a life! I recall my village autumn days surrounded by the orange golden leaves that came as a shower on my head from the farm’s trees. The most beautiful time was to watch the rain’s dance outside  in  my yard, counting the rain droplets and their dance in the puddles. The morning rain forced me to stay in and miss my morning class at the village’s school but i enjoyed the rain’s dance and mine while walking past the fields to get to my school. If you haven’t smelled the rain or danced in the rain, then you don’t know what real rain is.



Rain is the best medium to travel and explore yourself, when watching the water falling either as showers or when it rains cats and dogs you do travel through shapes and images. It’s been days now raining nonstop then being  sunny and then raining again! If this is the case in yout little town or city then grab a book, a picture book and start enjoying the text and the illustrations.



I wa surprised by the number of books old and new ones having rain as a theme. Here are some “rain books”  that I like and I wish you love them  as I do.

If you think of dancing as these girls did with their mother, Come On, Rain! is  such a beautifully illustrated book by Jon J. Muth and written by Karen Hesse.


Splish! Slpash! While investigating rain, learn about the water cycle and problems with rain, including droughts and floods. Splish! Splash!A Book About Rain (Amazing Science: Weather) written by Josepha Sherman(Author), Jeff Yesh (Illustrator)


Rain, Rain, GO Away! is already a well-loved preschool favorite. Now this board book with a full-foil cover will catch everyone’s eye (rain or shine!) as Church’s toddlers and stuffed animals are as adorable as ever in colorful rain gear.Written by Caroline Jayne Church.


Raindrop, Plop! One little raindrop, dark, dark sky. Two little raindrops, clouds go by… How many ways can you have fun on a rainy day?  From one little raindrop to ten toes soaking in a warm bubble bath, there are lots of things to see and count until the sun comes out again.  In between, there are silly boots to pull on and puddles to splash in and a rainy backyard just waiting to be explored.  A spirited rhyming text that’s ideal for reading unexpected pleasures that a little wet weather can bring to a young child’s day.Written by Wendy Cheyette Lewison and illustrated by Pam Paparone.


Split! Splat! by Amy Gibson is a silly, messy, rhyming tale of a girl with her dog and friends playing in the rain. I loved the colorful and messy illustrations that make you want to find a puddle to go jump in.


 Over the Rainbow is a whimsical book that features the song “Over the Rainbow” by Judy Collins. The illustrations show a magical and dream like world that is just over the rainbow.

Don’t miss the chance to make a wish and fly over the rainbow after the rain but DO dance and feel the rain on your face, screaming out loud! Yes, it’s raining and it’s fun! Till next week’s Rock Post have a nice weekend!



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