“To Survive you must tell stories” Umberto Eco.

The last month’s weekends and this first one of month October have been really busy with nonstop issues, happenings and  too much teaching. But what made this particular weekend exceptional was my participation in a Writing Creative Course dealing with Literature’s great Writers who continue to function as the Mentors for any writer to be. I am lucky for having this course taking place every month,  here in Patras and I feel even luckier for having as  an instructor the  Greek writer, Dimitris Stefanakis, whose deep knowledge in Literature and Poetry will help all the participants to open our parachutes and fly. The place where the writing course is going to take place is called “Bright Side.” When thinking of writing no matter what you write, think of the bright side of writing and how your inner intuition is going to be unleashed.


Writers  need to read a lot , every day and discover which writing style speaks to your heart. Reading and writing is not an obligatory task is the task if you want to go on as writers. I was reminded that today and I know I have to start reading the books I brought back from Arizona two months ago!

A Mentor can help too, since the word in its origin  related to Greek μενος (menos) means “mind, purpose, strength, courage”. In Greek legend Mentor was the son of Alkimos. When Odysseus left to fight in the Trojan War he entrusted Mentor with the care of his palace and the guardianship of his son Telemachos. When the goddess Athena visited Telemachos she took the guise of Mentor.Is it easy to trace the right Mentor or is it better to rely simply on mentor texts?


Receiving valuable advice and develop your personal style while experimenting new writing styles is absolutely crucial.Reading in depth, exploring Literature while analysing important pieces of advice seems to be the best offer for any writer to go on and develop. Here is an article on suggesting how to find a good Mentor: http://www.writersdigest.com/uncategorized/on-finding-your-mentor

But the use of Mentor texts in class seems to be  the best way to guide students through the process of writing.  Writers using  mentor texts are able to emulate strategies and skills to follow. We all need mentors. They help us learn and grow in many different aspects of our lives; but using authors to show and demonstrate powerful writing, helps  writers to unfold strategies and skills.


Till next week’s Rock Post, read, study and write, choose a new Mentor or a Mentor text to help you and explore the beautiful world of Literature!

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