It’s the Light of Kindness Shining a Happy 2017!

I have always believed in the magic of Kindness and the random acts that follow. Last year 2016 was a Phenomenal year for me from many  aspects, and included loads of goodness. I have to say a huge Thank you to  Beth Anderson, the last person to talk to half an hour before the New Year came in Greece! There are so many people who left their trace on my heart and life this past year here in Greece and  USA writers  meeting them online or in person in the July WOW Retreat in Atlanta. These people are the SUNSHINE in my life and changed my way of thinking regarding writing and life in general. My students are included, they all are part of my writing journey because they worry about working so many hours, that makes caring a real challenge for me . I owe to my students. I admit I have a blast for some of them, they continue to inspire me and their positivity is the force that enhances my productivity.


I am Thankful for having  participated in great writing courses and contests, I got valuable info and encouragement to promote my manuscripts to the next level, thru the help of generous, benevolent, writers. If I was asked what I have to recall for being the most important thing for 2016, well that would be the moment when writers bought and sent to me precious children’s books as a present. THANK you my beloved friend and extended family members Amalia Balch and you  Adam Balch, from Arizona, for choosing  beautiful books for me, I am lucky, grateful  for having certain people’s  friendship and understanding, since  we share the same  LOVE  for books. Special Gratitude to Patricia Miller, Sharon Lee Cassano-Lochman, and Dee Engle for being the book fairies for me! Whooaha! 


Thank you my friends, you  are there for me, on Facebook or send emails when I stay sleepless and you offer valuable help and encouragement!

Going back in 2016:

  • November 1-30: I participated in the Online International Writing Program offered by the University of IOWA,    How Writers Write Fiction 2016: Storied Women. So many writers from all over the world,group discussions and a vast number of texts and stories to be studied. 
  • July 18-july 22: I attended Kristen Fulton’s WOW RETREAT,  especially for  non-fiction, in Helen, Georgia -Atlanta; meeting extraordinary people, writers, editors, agents; this WOW spread Love, Peace and  Joy!
  • July: I joined the Online, Kidlit Summer School 2016: Heart and Humor spread by  authors who are smart, inspirational, and generous. They graciously shared their time and their knowledge. 
  • July 4: I had my 500 words of a MG story critiqued, as  apart of a webinar participation,  by a well-known Editor, she encouraged me continue writing it and  provided great suggestions!
  • July 6: THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN !!! I was so lucky to win a partial edit for my first 30 pages of a modern Romance with the Incredible Deborah Halverson, check on her site: .My Romance takes place in Scotland, don’t ask me who is to blame, Jamie Fraser is the culprit!!!
  • June4-May 9: “The Craft and Business of writing  Children’s Picture Books” with Dr. Mira Reisberg , Editor Kelly Delaney, I got so much help by Mira the Guru of Children’s books. I am grateful to both Mira Reisberg and  my Greek friend and writer Jenny Koutsodimitropoulos for urging me to participate because:
    Writing is absolutely CRAFT which means that it comprises the following:
    Felicity &
  • Mayday was a great day since I was the winner of Maritza Mejia’s Poetry collection,  “Poems, Thoughts and More” Award-winning VCBA Poetry 2015!
  • MAY 1-7: I participated for the first time in 7 PICTURE BOOKS IN SEVEN DAYS, hosted by children’s book author PAULA YOO. Don’t miss NaPiBoWriWee this year! I got thrilled!!!
  • April 2: I interviewed Maritza M. Mejia, on my blog on   Friday’s Rock Post!  Read about her writing path thru Poetry,wonderful people always find ways to touch our hearts!
  • April 1-30: Susanna Hill’s Making Picture Book Magic! Great encouragement by the formed critique group, beautiful people to meet, Melissa Stoller, Rowena Rae, Sandy Brown Lowe.
  • April 1-30: Angie Karcher’s RhyPiBoMo challenge(what an experience!) RhyPiBoMo challenge, my students of A,B Junior classes participated with drawings, we had a lot of readings of many books plus I worked on new rhyming stories.
  • March 1-31:The ReFoReMo Challenge, was developed to help picture book writers reform writing by reading and researching picture books. THANK YOU Carrie Charley Brown, you are fantastic! I got new friends and now I have so strong relationships with them! The Facebook group is so supportive!
  •  March  10: I contributed to the 50 Precious Words writing contest  as a part of celebrating Theodore Geisel’s birthday better known as Dr. Seuss. That was Vivian  Kirkfield’s  superb idea, I feel so blessed for knowing Vivian, our paths crossed the right moment. 
  • March 10: BEING OVER THE MOON!!! I was chosen to be interviewed about my e-book “Amelie Gets Busy”, my beloved yiayia, and  the Greek Reality that every Greek citizen experiences the last years; by   Jonathan Kemmerer-Scovner and  PictureBooksReview, interview included the Conversations with Storytellers series!
  • February 11: I contributed to Susanna Leonard Hill’s writing contest on  Valen-tiny writing Contest.
  • February 9: Being  interviewed by Author Maritza M  Mejia  as part of her January 2016 LuzDelMes Spotlight interview.  Gracias para todo, Maritza!
  • January 10: I reviewed Vanilla and Chocolate written by Maritza Martinez Mejia and illustrated by Estella Mejia, as part of the Multicultural Children’s Book Day (MCCBD)  which fell on January 27, 2016
  • January 4-31: Nonfiction Archaeology class January 2016, hosted by the unique Kristen Fulton, a four week class to dig deeper and discover nonfiction.THANK YOU FABULOUS KRISTEN, you simply Rock!
  • January 2:My e-book :” Amelie Gets Busy” was reviewed by Picture Book Review, . “Amelie” was happy all year round!

Thank you for the Cheer and Care my friends, you made a big difference in my life! Being my first Rock Post for 2017, I wish to all of you Joy, Laughter and remember the Beauty of Life is to meet the challenges that puts us fate and be happy with the people who Love us!













8 thoughts on “It’s the Light of Kindness Shining a Happy 2017!

  1. You had a year full of learning, growth and friendships! So honored to be part of it! and meet you in person in July! And it’s a good thing it wasn’t almost midnight here or I wouldn’t have been online to chat with you and ring out 2016 🙂 (zzzzzzz) Wishing you even more writing wonderfulness in 2017!

    • Yes, you are right Beth, I had a year full of blessings and tried to be part of the writing community as much as possible. Well, I was cooking and communicating with you, keeping an eye on time before 2017 came in! Thank you for your wishes and your friendship!

  2. Thank you my dear Mona, your words remind me what everybody tells me when i complain for being so pressed, they repeat to me:”We know you can do it!” Let’s hope 2017 is the year to reach the top! Thank you for your wishes Mona, I know they come straight from the HEART! Love and Kisses!

    • Thank you Cheryl Petersen, it’s so nice connecting with you! Everything in our life is guided by our actions and compassion for other human beings, when struggling very hard HOPE keeps us continuing. I feel so blessed, no matter the struggle, for having all these people in my life. Divine Providence!

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