7th Festival of Story Telling in Athens, Greece!

This past weekend I was so lucky to attend the 7th Festival of Story Telling & Fairy Tales in Athens, at the House of Fairy Tales
Children can enjoy workshops on storytelling, theater, fairytales, legends, while teachers and storytellers teach the art of storytelling encompassing a wide range of activities, craft making and endless projects to spread storytelling not only with  Greek stories but also with stories from all around the world.
Although the site’s page is only in Greek, it has amazing workshops all year around and thanks to Evi Gerokosta, Violeta Solidaki, Giorgos Evgenikos, storytellers, writers and contributors the Festival was one of a kind! I had the opportunity to attend an exceptional workshop on writing Fairytales that an amazing Greek writer Argyro Pipini presented. She’s such a sweet person and the translator of many picture books written by American writers. 
I was thrilled to have books like Migrant used as Mentor Texts. Argyro made me feel instantly the lyrism coming from the sweetness of the words! It was a three-hour nonstop travel to the magic world of writing!
I felt that I traveled to many places with the number of books that were included, as well as the illustrators’ work had a different force to touch my senses! Colors, words, that carry the aroma of another era, this has to be a writer’s work, according to sweet Argyro Pipini.
Till next Rock Post, dream and write with dragons, princes, and queens, in a magical journey full of light!

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