Amelie Gets Busy! Thank you for the reviews!

 Sweet Rhyming Story Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2019, by LUZDELMES Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase Amelia seems impressed with all the wonders around her at the village’s farm with her Greek grandma, yiayia. Visiting Grandma is an opportunity to enjoy nature, flowers, plants, birds and farm animals. The lovely yiayia protects Amelia with affection and care. The children story ends with a fond display of yiayia’s favorite keepsake box where she keeps the reason to be impressed of farm’s life.
The author Agatha Rodi uses elegant rhymes to make the story dances with poetic structure. Soft pastel illustrations depict the simple and beautiful gardening and farming’s life style.
I highly recommend this book for children ages 5-8 years old.

  Jonathan  after a long and full day of gardening and eating delicious foods – like pink crusted biscuit cake – Amelie takes some of … January 6, 2016 Young Amelie is very impressed! She announces this right up front, in case there was any doubt, but to discover by what exactly she is impressed, one must read on.  

Amelie spends her days in the village farm with her yiayia – Greek for ‘grandma’ – and with all of the plants and birds and animals therein.

She is a bit trepidatious at first, but yiayia is there to comfort her and to show her the wonders of life in this small, Greek village.

The flowers, the hedgehogs, the birds feeding their young, they all contain wonder.

Here I come, blooming garden! Oh, I am so impressed!

Finally, after a long and full day of gardening and eating delicious foods – like pink crusted biscuit cake – Amelie takes some of the treasures she has collected and forms a keepsake box so that she can keep the wonderful – and impressive! – memories.

A jay of yiayia’s favorite cherry jam
Some pieces of spinach pie and feta cheese
Full of spices and crispy dough.
I always take my village with me,
The blue light and the hues of the rainbow
That make me say wow!
That’s why I’m so impressed!

Kristi In this charming picture book, Amelie spends a day at the village farm and is impressed by all that she sees. The animals trees, the garden, and the food is impressive to her. The love between her and her grandmother is evident throughout this book. The illustrations are nicely done. Good read!

 Lisa’s Book Reviews  Lovely Story Written In Poem June 24, 2015 A story set in rhyming poetry with a young girl named Amelie, who becomes impressed with all she sees in the village of her grandmother’s farm. Chickens and pigs greet her. At first she is afraid. Her grandmother is close by to protect her and reassure her the animals mean no harm, they merely wish to be fed.

There are beautiful birds flying overhead while bees buzz to drink from a garden with roses. A hedgehog Amelie sees when watering the roses she believes is cute and adorable. She takes time to eat a piece of luscious cake.

Amelie is so impressed with all she sees, hears, and now knows. To learn what else she becomes impressed about you’ll have to read the book.

As this story is written in the form of poetry, it is a creative art whereby its words are an inspiration and beauty expressed in the most joyful collection of words having underlying meaning and a show of thought and feeling.

The artwork is soft and kind, adding just the right feel to the storyline.

As this story is written about a Grecian young girl, the words are of that culture and the reader can experience a touch of Grecian life through the eyes of Amelie, who enjoys her very first visit to her grandmother’s farm.

Evi rated it it was amazing

“Amelie gets Busy!” is a simple, yet powerful poem about Amelie and her “yiayia”. Living in a fast-paced world, Amelie’s story is a colorful reminder of the small, everyday joys of life. And every time Amelie is presented with a new surprise, she smiles with us “I’m impressed”! Garden trees, hedgehogs, roses, eggplants, rosemary and basil come together to give Amelie the perfect treat in this delightful poem that celebrates life!

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  1. Dear Agatha, I wish your lovely book to Capture every yiayia’s heart all over the English-speaking world like it did capture mine. Καλοτάξιδο!

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