If you try to remeber of an incident when somebody was kind with you the chances are to wait for some time… I am told of that on adaily basis. It’s been some time now that I started applying  the principle of excusing people’s behaviour, thinking of their sensitivities and untold ,hidden worries. It’s so easy to blame anyone who doesn’t have the ability or the courage  of being overanalytical on anything and especially to make known his intentions to a broader circle of acquaintances.

A Simple demonstration of unkindness is the fear of being “You”,what i mean is the fear of showing your true feelings.  The material world we live in has transformed us to a species full of doubts for other persons’  incentives so we tend to jump into conclusions in a nutshell.

Someone should support that this is our shield against those who desire to take advantage of our kindness and caring heart, well that’s a sad reality. The point is not to ponder about other’s confrontation towards you and why they judge your thoughts in one or another way . Your point is to make the point , so you don’t copy their mode of thinking. Dealing with people most of my life i was given the chance to experience great moments with kindhearted ones.

They taught me to appreciate any act of kindness and not think “what if…?” Then the greatest apocalypsis took place when i adopted a new stance regarding kindness, by being kind even to hostile people, sarcastic ones , those filled with negativity or even worse those who think they know everything on anything. As far as i know only God is Omnipotent and knows everything!

On 1st November i got a message on my cell phone by an ex -teacher ,Mrs Theoni Geka. I admire her mentality and deep Faith in God, her November wish was taken by  Plutarch , (Greek Historian  and Biographer c. AD 46 – AD 120 ): “Knowledge offers you Power and your Character the Respect.” She always renders back gratitude for a simple” Kalimera” unfolding facets of her kindness… Have you felt the gift of kindness ? No? Not yet, what are you waiting for? It’s simple Smile and BE kind!


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