My first participation in NaBloPoMo novembrer 2014



Yes, I finally make this step , start wriiting for NaBloPoMo while being busy teaching kids English and French. My students are my great force of inspiration, their funny remarks or their catchy phrases give birth to stories and poems. Inspiration doesn’t need a special place to be born, i think it comes out when life comes to a point when mundane reality needs oxygen to go on!

Living in Greece thru these years of hardships and money related issues, life doesn’t mean it needs to expire!

Children’s innocent smiles make my day , well every day. Being with my source of inspiration is a great challenge, simply because kids are unpredictable more than adults i dare to say! Their expression of feelings along with face expressions is the mirror of their mindset.

Purity is heart’s best ingredient and my students can’t hide from themselves! What is so frustrating, unavoidable for an adult it’s an every day experience for kids! How strange and so provocative at the same time! I wish all the people i know could be themselves at least for one day, be ready to stand up for themselves and simply experience the purity of life and moments’ worth!

No wonder their life wouldn’t be monotonous, full of fear and tears, these two go together, you see. So, how can children pacify our soul’s disturbances, having their constant buzzing around us, their screaming and endless questioning about anything that exists in this world? It’s a frantic situation, i admit that but when the evening comes and the shrieks and shouts or the annoying teasing jokes stop i think , ok the day is gone, tomorrow or the next day when they have class, i will be lucky again!

I am running my school for 15 years and 2 months, i owe a lot to all my students no matter what their age because they taught me a great deal! The most important lesson i got from them is to be ready for any change and consider it as a blessing. Being a teacher is a constant process of learning, and i have to say this: ” I am BLESSED and LOVED by so many little cute boys and girls who are grown ups now.” Thanks a million for making me wiser and a child again!



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