Procrastination can be a psycological burden for people who surround you!

There are times when procrastination creates echoing aftermaths around you, yes, the Pandora Box has opened as the Greek myth refers. The procrastinator is not able to have peace of mind at the time of presenting his excuses and the affected people feel the turmoil plus his psycological situation. An awkward situation for all parts involved. But who to blame and who to support?

The procrastination has become a very distinctive characteristic of the 21rst century and then there is the belief that Human Nature is so complex and so weak at the same time. So, everybody is happy in his comfort zone while he is responsible for upheavals that have no precedence!

I think people have to discover why they have adopted such an attitude which is their undercover when things go tough. “I have no time” everyone tends to say which some times is translated differently as for example” i have time but for the things i consider essential or beneficial” or ” my time is so valuable that sacrifices need a real important goal.”

Is it frustrating or a downright sign of inability to selfcheck and make the effort to show appreciation to others and acknowledge how destructive procrastination is both for you and them? What about inner tranquility and determination to get rid of what blocks myself and the others?  Denial is a cunny partener for your thoughts because it’s the easiest way to avoid responsibility and show to others that your weak character is to blame and not the way you confront life. Think of others too, have you ever considered how hurtfull is to hold responsibility for those who don’t make the attempt to accept that life is a circle and has to encompass many route changes so that the circle is perfectly shaped?




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