There are thousands of rules to follow when it has to do with exams. Educators and psychologists tend to remind these rules to students of any age! The goal is to release stress and keep sychronized with those rules so that your mind is occupied;and therefore more well constructed during the procedure.

Students seem to enjoy their participation in exams especially those who are university degree holders. I like the fact that they are relaxed and more confident feeling that

1) spreading the word out of what the particular exam involves is the best remedy both for them and future to be students

2)thinking positive is translated in joking for any weakness they may demonstrate for the exam’s  specific part e.g. listening, oral and so on

3)they are so inventive regarding the way they gonna use in being more relaxed during the exam e.g. they will be thinking their  favourite Greek dish and the fun they  had wih family members while enjoying food together, yes, Greeks’  life is all about food!

4)their mind is on what comes after the exam, a family gathering, or even shopping therapy, girls especially wait impatiently  for a spending spree, i don’t know why this happens after the exams, do you?

5)they make decisions related to their private life, which are immediately make known after the exams.It seems that the exams are the last straw that hit the camel and are no longer willing to go on with their partener

6)they consider exams as the starting point for going further in their professional career

I really admire adult students who think positive, see the good side of exams and think of failure as part of the educational procedure. Exam day is another step to something better, so calmness and cheerfull disposition can bring the best outcome!


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