Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.
I was born in Patras, Greece. I  spent my childhood in my village, Fostena, at the outskirts of Patras, until the age of seven. Being a village girl I developed a unique contact with nature, its colors, and hues, the smells along with the landscapes and village life.
I used to spend my days in the fields with the grasshoppers,  butterflies and the animals we had while watching my parents cultivating the land. The fields surrounded the house farm with almond and pomegranate trees.Yes, you guessed right! I love spring, it’s my favorite season! My love for reading started in first grade when I got in my hands my first Alphabet Book. It is still considered to be the most famous Greek Alphabet  Book which first appeared in 1955. Lola and her apple were imprinted on my mind forever!
My love for writing children’s stories there was always in my heart, I used to buy books and read a lot during my school years. Ideas have started to flow since 1997 when I decided that I had to write down all these memories from my childhood and make them known.  My professors at the University encouraged me to start writing short stories and poetry. I am grateful to all these persons who both motivated and led me to the path of Literature. Reading and creating stories are equal to traveling for me.
But, real experiences come from traveling. My life has been enriched through the places I have visited and the people I met. My dream visiting Alaska came true in August 2001, it’s a wonderful place to find inspiration and bliss! Stunning landscapes and wilderness everywhere.
While writing assignments for the Institute of  Children’s Literature, I was taught precious things about writing by well-known writers. That was the prompting experience that led me to rediscover my passion for writing.  I like writing stories for young learners, fiction, and non-fiction, poems, Memoir. Heidi, Johanna’s Spyri, book is my favorite one!
Although my schedule is always full, teaching kids and adults English and French; I try to read a lot, be with good friends and take care of my garden roses. I feel so lucky for having traveled, knowing the world, acquiring new perspectives about life and its meaning. Faith and positive thoughts only bring divine grace and a myriad of inspiration! My first rhyming picture e-book, under the title “Amelie, Gets Busy” for kids aged 4-8 years old was launched in December 2014 by Bookbaby Company. 
An Aussie Year: Twelve Months in the Life of Australian Kids by Tania McCartney.

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