About Agatha

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. I chose my Greek Alphabet book or αλφαβητάριο of the first year of Primary school to talk about me. I got the idea of using the Greek letters of the book’s pages! Cool! isn’t it?


I was born in Patras, Greece. I  spent my childhood in my village, Fostena, at the outskirts of Patras, until the age of seven. 

x is the letter of the word village. Nature, colors, and hues of a stunning landscape, the scented air, numerous things to enjoy!


My love for reading started in first grade.

σκ are the letters of the word school.I loved it! I was in a class with kids of all 6 grades! Old times of Greek Primary School, but guess what? “Storytelling  had just started!”

θρ are the letters of the word desk,   γρ are the letters of the word, write. I loved calligraphy and writing.


ντζ are the letters of the word bergamot. The fields surrounded our house farm with almond and pomegranate trees. 


σπ are the letters for the word house. I spent my days in the fields with the grasshoppers,  butterflies and the animals we had.  

δρ are the letters for the word road. I often walked up and down the hill and smelled the pine trees in the forest!

φτ are the letters of the word make. I and my siblings made little houses in the afternoons, out in the yard! Roosters and hens, dogs and cats, ducks and geese all over the place!


σκ are the letters of the word, stage. I participated in  School celebrations and I had long poems to read aloud! Other times “Storytelling” was a frequent activity for me, my aunt Eleni Kyriakopoulou made me laugh, cry and giggle at the same time! The best Storyteller ever, she taught me so much!


ευ are the letters of the words freedom and happiness! I had fun all the time and was free to explore all the fields! I loved to roll on the grass!


γγ are the letters of the word moon. I watched the moon in the clear starry night almost every night. I loved watching the stars and the sky changing colors!


My love for writing children’s stories there was always in my heart. I bought books and read a lot. Ideas have started to flow since 1997, so I wrote down all these memories from my childhood. My professors at the University encouraged me to write short stories and poetry. I am grateful to them! They led me to discover my passion for writing stories for young learners, fiction, non-fiction, poems, Memoir. 


π is the letter of the word door. Many gates opened during my writing adventures many more great things will take place!2-b9f4e1c4d9Although my schedule is always full, teaching kids and adults English and French; I try to read a lot, play with my dogs be with good friends and take care of my garden roses. My first rhyming picture e-book, under the title “Amelie, Gets Busy” for kids aged 4-8 years old saw the light of the world in 2015. Part of my Novel written in Greek, referring to my city Patras,  was published in January 2019, as an Anthology of short stories”8 People write for Patras” (Enastron Publications-Greece). This  short story  is nominated for the PublicBookAwards for 2020, in Greece.
I participated as a Translator and a poet in the Tri-Lingual Anthology on Haiku poems and Greek family Traditions published by LuzDelMes Publishing House-U.S.A October 2019.

My bilingual picture books under the titles “Amelie is Impressed” Greek-English and Amélie est impressionnée!came out in July 2020, by the Greek publisher    https://24grammata.com/shop/                            https://24grammata.com/product/2107/, https://24grammata.com/product/2108/
Agatha serves as the Ambassador & Global Co-Host for Multicultural Children’s Day(MCBD) for Greece, https://multiculturalchildrensbookday.com/about/co-hosts/
and the Ambassador for International Read To Me Day for Greece,

I am the Founder of Greek Children Read & Write (Creative Writing for Children completing their own books.) A passionate advocate for literacy with the mission  to promote Greek children’s books to Diaspora. Every month I  present Greek Authors at the National Herald(Εθνικός Κήρυξ), the oldest Greek-American Newspaper in the U.S.A
Find me online at agatharodi.wordpress.com or on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Linkedin/Goodreads as Agatha Rodi.


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