Greek Children Read & Write

Greek  Children Read & Write is a challenging initiative to connect Greek Children around the globe, exchange Greek culture’s uniqueness and promote diversity in the way children see it. Students of Junior and Senior classes wondered on how a writer writes stories and asked with persistence for over a year now. A stuffed animal was given to me as a present by Mariza Stanitsa, an A Junior student, for not having done her homework. That stuffed animal a beautiful dog changes every student’s house for 8 days. Students write a story of their own naming the dog as they wish. As the year goes by these A Junior students will have their own story written both in Greek and English. (More to come on this with photos and students’ stories in Greek!)


The second idea has to do with Senior classes and High School students who want to write their own story and have events on showing the process they used, illustrations and dummy books to show to the group. These stories cover a wide range of topics and ideas coming from students Love for Reading and Writing, including even those who aren’t so reluctant in doing their homework. (More to come on this with photos and students’ stories both in Greek and English!)