Greek Children Read & Write!

Sahar Reiazi, a good friend, Iranian illustrator and Writer, illustrated our Logo on November 10th 2020. Thank you Sahar! Students’ books are completed and illustrated by their grandfathers, their fathers, cousins and 8 books were illustrated by the talented 11 year old, back in 2019, Myrtali Nikolaidou! This past October 2020 the graphist started working each book separately but we have another lockdown. No matter what we continue! Aspasia Fouseki’s wish to write a nonfiction biography for her favourite Canadian-American actor, fueled 15 high school students on 6th November 2020 to help them write for their beloved actor or director. OMG! These kids are amazing! I teach online and I have double work to do but I can’t ignore the students’ wish so we start online Creative Writing Courses!

Greek  Children Read & Write © is a challenging initiative to connect Greek Children around the globe, exchange Greek culture’s uniqueness and promote diversity in the way children see it. Students of Junior and Senior classes wondered on how a writer writes stories and asked with persistence for over a year now. A stuffed animal was given to me as a present by Mariza Stanitsa, in October 2019, an  A Junior student, for not having done her homework. That stuffed animal a beautiful dog changed every student’s house for 8 days. Students wrote a story of their own naming the dog as they wished. As the year went by these A Junior students had eachone of them their own story written both in Greek and English. (More to come on this with photos and students’ stories in Greek!)

The second idea still working as a motivator, had to do with Senior classes and High School students who wanted to write their own stories and had events on showing the process they used, illustrations and dummy books to show to the group. These stories covered a wide range of topics and ideas coming from students Love for Reading and Writing, including even those who weren’t so reluctant in doing their homework! (More to come on this with photos and students’ stories both in Greek and English!)

Want to know our current working stories? Guess what!
Superheroes and well known Actors!
More to delve into Superheroes Personality!