“Luz del Mes” the “Light of Month”comes from Colombia!

Happy April to everyone! I welcome  the author Maritza M. Mejia with the poem “April’s Charms” written by William Henry Davies. Thank you Maritza for having you on my Friday’s Rock Post!  Read about Maritza M. Mejia and her writing path thru Poetry,wonderful people always find ways to touch our hearts!Enjoy!


“April’s Charms”

When April scatters charms of primrose gold
Among the copper leaves in thickets old,
And singing skylarks from the meadows rise,
To twinkle like black stars in sunny skies;

When I can hear the small woodpecker ring
Time on a tree for all the birds that sing;
And hear the pleasant cuckoo, loud and long —
The simple bird that thinks two notes a song;

When I can hear the woodland brook, that could
Not drown a babe, with all his threatening mood;
Upon these banks the violets make their home,
And let a few small strawberry vlossoms come:

When I go forth on such a pleasant day,
One breath outdoors takes all my cares away;
It goes like heavy smoke, when flames take hold
Of wood that’s green and fill a grate with gold.

Maritza Martinez Mejia an Award-Winning Author for her service and poetry work received Crystal Apple Award 2006 and Virtue Christian Award 2015.



Q1.Do you remember the first poem you wrote?

Yes, I do. When I was writing my first book, my mother passed away and I felt frustrated with so many issues I had to deal after. To express my frustration, I wrote “Why?” and decided not only to include it in my memoir, but also to send it to a Poetry Contest. To my surprise, I was the runner-up of the Florida Atlantic University First Spring Poetry Contest.

Q2. Why have you given the name LUZDELMES to your blog?

Luz Del Mes means Monthly Light. I gave my website, blog and social media pages this name since my purpose is to give a little bean of light with my writings.

Q3.What does poetry mean to you? How important is poetry to you?

Poetry is my catharsis; the expression of my soul, mind and body. It is a therapeutic way to relieve my tensions, frustrations, inspirations or triumphs. It is an important part of my daily writing to improve my skills as writer.

Q4. Which is your favorite poem by a renowned poet? Why do you like his poem(s)?

One of my favorite poems is “La Princesa está triste” or “Sonatina” by Rubén Dario (1867-1916) published for the first time in 1896. I like the poem for its difficult structure of 8 sestinas of 6 verses with constant rhyme AABCCB. The Nicaraguan Nobel Prize Poet exemplified a new trend with poetic realism. In the poem, the protagonist is surrounded by rich, but the Princess is sad and nothing comforts her. In one of my Bilingual Children’s books, the theme is gratitude with everything we have or don’t.

Q5.What style of poetry do you prefer? (Freestyle, Rhyming, Haiku)

I love to write a Haiku. During April, I will write and published in my blog a daily Haiku in honor of Earth and Poetry Month. However, it is a good challenge to write a rhyming poem or Freestyle.

Q6. They say that to see the world with complete honesty one should look to comedians, artists and poets, what do you think emerges naturally from your work?

William Shakespeare changed the entire theater experience presenting comedians, artists and poets as it had never been seen before to see the world with complete honesty. I think, a writer can express anything under a character personification, but not necessary the reality. I love to write poetry to give a message behind the lines and my main focus is to inspire others to be a better person.

Q7. Do you have one poem that you almost did not post due to it being so very personal? Did you post it after all? If so, please tell us about it.

Personal poems stay in my mind; I don’t write something that my children can’t read it.

Q8. Do you have a preference for writing rhyme children’s books in the future?

One of my future projects is to write a rhyme children’s book. I have the story, the theme, setting and characters, but not the time to start it yet. I will do it over next summer when I have time to write and organize my months of promotions and book expositions.

Q9.How was your Colombian origin influenced the way you write?

This is a good question that I ask to myself once in a while. I used to write acrostic poems to my best friends and letters to my relatives abroad, but I never thought of writing for public. It was only until I moved to the United States and studied English that I developed the desire to write poetry formally. I venture to write my memoir called Hazel Eyes (English version) and Ojos Avellana (Spanish version) to give testimony of my faith. I didn’t expect to start a career as writer, but the first book lead to the second, third and my writings will continue until the end.

Q10. What do you think most characterizes your writing?

My writing is inspirational. I am concern about the future we are going to give to our descendants. I focus my messages to be grateful and take care of earth and the most in need. Each of my books supports a cause. For instance, Hazel Eyes supports Human Dignity Campaign; my poetry book donates to March of Dimes; the Bilingual Children Books provides FREE educational material, activities on my website and book expositions. My next book The Most Wonderful Present will donate to Pet shelters and my future books will contribute to Earth protection programs.

Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my books and poetry. Visit my blog during April for a daily Haiku.


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