Small moments with a great impact!

Snow here, snow there, snow everywhere! This snowy month I enjoyed snow more than ever before and what I asked for was fireflies in the snow! I know that’s a crazy idea and what would be crazier If I had seen some of them! I got curious to start searching while writing the post but I am so busy checking on what scientists declare on the matter or what people have experienced. What makes life different is the means we use to make it brighter, minute by minute. Challenges and deadlines don’t leave us a spare moment to ponder about what makes life so challenging itself.


Today some of my students were experiencing for once more the shock of having a test. Especially one of them, Panos was even afraid to call his mom and tell her the torture(meaning the test) was officially over! Watching him how stressed he felt I reminded him how FEAR can only generate false ideas of what reality is; that any kind of test shouldn’t be for him the end of the world, as speaking for today’s lesson, the end of a beautiful but rainy day!I am not a scientist, but  I dare to say that overanalysis takes place in a kid’s mind more than ten times a day! I watch my students being so deep in thoughts for trivial or really important issues that I do wonder how difficult seems to them to be joyful and enjoy life. I have set a goal of reading to them excerpts from popular books or those they love. I think they must learn to separate anxiety, sudden fear from the pleasure to have fun.


Once starting my list on reading aloud books I spotted a funny and enticing book to have fun in class and offer the chance to my students to let their mind travel, by reading the first two words I got in action right away:


Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee, 

Clickity, clackity.
Clickity, clackity.
The roller coaster car is going up, up, up to the highest spot. And at least one of the people in the car has never ridden on a roller coaster before . . . ever. Wheeeeeeee!
Get ready to experience the thrill of riding a coaster for the very first time in this vibrant new adventure.


Samantha on a Roll, by Linda Ashman

 Samantha can’t wait to try out her new roller skates, but Mama’s too busy too help her. What’s a girl to do? Well, this girl isn’t waiting. While Mama tends to other things, Sammy straps on the skates. First, she glides down the hallway. Then she tries the sidewalk. Next, she ventures a bit farther down the street. She’s doing great! But when she finds herself cresting Hawthorn Hill, it’s too late to stop– Samantha is on a roll!


My Brave Year of Firsts: Tries, Sighs, and High Fives by Jamie Lee Curtis.

This beautiful book celebrates the extraordinary, everyday bravery of trying new things for the very first time. Whether Frankie’s learning to ride a bike, love her first dog, make new friends (her very first twins), or help out her dad, she discovers that trying new things is how she grows—and that being brave enough to do so is what growing up is all about.

Little things can be enjoyable only if we try to think of them as the only way to avoid monotony or boredom, Have fun, be smiley till next Rock Post and remember that what it counts is:


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